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Pocket Squares

Supreme Collection 45 Pack Pocket Square Set for Men Assorted Patterns and Colors
  • $44.99

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Elegance Collection 25 Plain Pocket Squares Assorted Colors
  • $18.99
Classic Collection 20 Pack Pocket Square Set for men with Assorted Colors and Patterns
  • $21.99

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Contemporary Collection 12 Pack Polka Dot Pocket Squares Set Assorted Colors
  • $12.99

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Timeless Collection 12 Pack Polka Dot Pocket Squares Set for Men Assorted Colors
  • $12.99
Pocket Square Pouch Holder Set for Men's suits with a Plain Stylish White Square handkerchief
  • $14.99
Pocket Square Holder Set for Gentlemen's Suits with Stylish Plain White Square Handkerchief
  • $11.99
Pocket Square Holders Set for Gentlemen's Suits with Stylish Assorted Plain Color Squares
  • $16.99

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Pocket Squares Holder Set Keeps your Squares Folded All Day
  • $12.99


This is the second time I have purchased this product. The first time for me, the second for my dad for his birthday. I really love these.

Sarah J (Amazon)

Great bags for sandwich's and a no mess clean up!! They are great as they are reusable, and top rack dishwasher safe, so you can cook, and throw them in the dishwasher when you are done.

Cyndi Flores (Amazon)

My wife still works; I am retired; so I am on my own for lunches during the week. When I saw the ekSel Non Stick Reusable Toaster Bag I thought that it may be my answer to mess-less toasted sandwich making.

Tom from Pittsburgh (Amazon)

These are awesome! I purchased these to heat up pre-cooked frozen breakfast sausages because I have a tiny apartment & no room for a toaster oven, mornings I'm running around like a mad woman trying to get me & kiddo out the door. I don't want to dirty a pan every morning because I have enough to do. These work like a charm!


The material looks like it'll last a long time. It washes really well, & I put them in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Valerie G

We don't have a toaster, but need one when we travel so I can toast a gluten-free bagel or bread safely at hotels. These bags work flawlessly and they are pliable which allows them to fit in various toaster slots. They don't emit any type of unpleasant odor, which has been an issue with similar bags in the past. You can use the bags to make a grilled cheese (or other) sandwich as well, but I don't need them for that purpose so can't speak to how well that works. Now that I've found this brand, I'll never travel without them!


Great price, shipped right on time. Nice quality, very easy/simple to use, worked great and easy to clean! The grilled cheese sandwich is clearly THE recipe these bags were designed for. A great supplement to any kitchen, but really a perfect kitchen "tool" for any apartment dweller - enables the toaster to become more of a multipurpose device: sort of a combo of toaster oven, grilling pan, oven and microwave!

Lyle M. Back

Now we can make grilled cheese sandwiches and other toasted products in the regular toaster. Someone at work saw me using these and thought they were so cool. I've recommended them to several people who have bought them for themselves.


I am celiac and very sensitive to cross contamination. I have a gluten free toaster at home, however bought these for travelling. I recently used them at an Airbnb and it worked well. I keep them in a ziplock bag and it was easy


Pretty cool product! Thin slice bread works best for grilled cheese sandwiches in our toaster. Bought these primarily for that reason but we also reheated a chicken burger patty last night and it came out nice and crispy, not soggy like a microwave reheat. Handles are nice to take the bags out of the toaster easily.


Works as advertised! You might have to adjust the toaster settings as it seems to make toast slightly faster. Will save me lots as hassle when traveling as I will not have to bring my own toaster along to avoid cross contamination; just one of these toaster bags. Easy to clean even after making a grilled cheese sandwich.

Would recommend to other celiacs.