3 Easy ways to fold pocket squares

Even the perfect outfit is missing the essence without a proper fashion accessory, and this is when pocket squares for men steps in. Pocket squares are the game changers in men’s fashion. However, using pocket squares may seem a bit confusing. Different pocket square folds and different ways to combine them with different occasions might be a little confusing. But, it is really easy to rock whatever look you are going for when you know the basics about pocket squares. Here is a short guide about pocket square etiquette: We compiled 3 easy ways to fold pocket squares and explained how to use them on different occasions.

Presidential fold


 Presidential fold is one of the most elegant and easiest pocket folds. It gives a clean and neat look. This pocket square fold is the perfect choice for a formal occasion such as a job interview. It’s best to choose solid colors for this fold.

Presidential fold is the most simple yet chic fold for the beginners. In order to get started with this simple fold, fold your pocket square in half again and again, depending on the size of your pocket square and your pocket. You are good to go when the width of the fold fits in your pocket. Make sure the fold line looks crisp. Then put the pocket square into the pocket holder, and put the holder in your pocket.

Single point fold

Single point fold, again, can be used when you need a pocket square for classy looks. It is easy to master, yet enough to make you look attentive. One point fold is suitable for a wedding, a business meeting, or any kind of formal and semi formal occasion. You can wear this fold with both a blazer or a classic suit. Both solid colors and patterned pocket squares can be good fit for this fold.

Start by folding the pocket square in half to form a triangle, and then fold both left and right corners in the middle. Place the pocket square in a pocket square holder, and tuck it into your jacket pocket.


Puff pocket square fold

The puff fold is, again, one of the easiest ways of wearing a pocket square. It fits casual or modern looks perfectly. Puff fold single handedly makes it easier to use pocket squares for stylish men. You can use puff fold when you need pocket squares for casual outfits such as blazers and sports jackets. It is a good choice for dinner parties, weddings or a sunday lunch. Pocket squares with patterns are the best for this fold.

Pinch the center of the pocket square, and then lift it. Gather the hanging part of the fabric and fold it in half. Finally, place it in your pocket.


A suit, or pretty much any outfit with a chest pocket, looks much better when it is complimented by a classy pocket square. These three pocket square folds will be enough for you to take your outfit to the next level, no matter you are using a formal pocket square like a navy pocket square or a casual pocket square such as a paisley pocket square. Just know which one to use, how to combine it and how to fold it, and you’ll be fine.