5 Most Asked Questions About Pocket Squares


Every time I talk to my friends about suits, I noticed that pocket squares are the thing that the most complicated part of suits. There were questions I saw while browsing the internet. I think pocket squares are a subject of curiosity because it's a personal space that subjective thoughts prevail. So I've compiled the questions for you, which I think you'll be curious about. If you're ready, let's start our Q & A Blog!


1) How Did Pocket Squares Become Accessories?

I will now tell you an example of the history of fashion that has been shaped by the influence of clothing styles by cultural, economic, political, and geographical factors. Hundreds of years ago, for more practical reasons, people were using pocket squares. King John II of England the original purpose of using handkerchiefs invented by Richard was purely for hygienic reasons and was immediately copied by upper-class folk after the King. For many years, upper-class people used handkerchiefs in their pockets to cover their mouths as they walked among ordinary people on the street. Carrying a pocket-handkerchief in a breast pocket and using it for purely aesthetic purposes gradually became popular in line with the conditions of the day and society's search for innovation. Today it is used as a fully complementary accessory. Even today, if you try to use your pocket square for hygiene purposes, you will get a few strange looks.


2) Can I combine a boutonniere with a pocket square?
First of all, let's talk about who wears the boutonniere. The boutonniere is worn by men who are first-degree relatives of the bride and groom to get to know each other. The groom may want some of his boyfriends to wear the boutonniere, too. This means that the groom sees those people as his relatives and is considered a nice gesture for his friends as well. For this reason, there is no need to give up pocket square when you are asked to wear a boutonniere. Let me put it this way, style doesn't have borders. The important thing is a harmonious pleasant image and the other important thing is that you feel good about yourself. You can choose a slightly more simple look in your pocket square, as your boutonniere will add mobility to your look. In the form of folding, you can create a great combination with a simple folding without escaping exaggeration.

3) Is the pocket squares used without a tie?
If you want to wear a suit and don't want to look too formal, that would be a redeeming look for you. So of course it is used. I think you will evenlook great. Is there a nice summertime invitation in the open? Make this combi and rock the floor! You can add a little more sports elegance to our look by wearing a vest. Use this! We talked about it giving a sporting appearance. So when choosing your pocket square it's straight white, folded very sharp, etc. instead of a handkerchief, a colored, patterned handkerchief is more appropriate. You can be free in your binding style. I suggest you avoid very sharp fold styles, use the simple tying styles.
I have to admit that this look is more modern and stylish than a suit with no pocket square but has a tie. :)
4) Can pocket squares be worn with tuxedos?
Of course, yes. Otherwise what makes you different from the other guys? Think of it like this, tuxedos have a pretty standard look. If two men are wearing tuxedos, it looks like they're both wearing the same outfit. We need a feature that makes you different and distinguishes you from others. So we need pocket squares here. Fashionistas say details are the focus of clothing. How should be the focus of your tux? Let's talk a little bit about that. The most commonly preferred look for tuxedos is the white pocket square worn in a black tuxedo. You can fold like the presidential fold of your white pocket square. If you are going to wear a colored tuxedo, you should make sure that your pocket square is compatible with your tuxedo. Since the tuxedo itself is an ambitious look, I don't suggest you overdo it in folding shapes.

5) How to use a pocket square with a bow tie?
All I mentioned about ties, I can say with full confidence that they are valid in bow ties. Avoid color and pattern harmony. Choosing your bow tie and pocket square's color the same can make you look amateur. Different patterns of bow tie pocket square are hard to find, yes. In general, vendors sell ties, bow ties, and pocket squares in a package with the same colors and patterns to sell more. Learn how to match your pocket square bow tie to suit your outfit best by having one of ekSel's various pocket square packs at this point, and let your style stand out among others. This package will help you find the right pocket square to express yourself, which will make you feel good. Bring your style to the fore with pocket squares!
See you on my next blog!