A Pocket Square Selection Based On The Atmosphere

Let's talk about our decisions today. We make decisions about what to eat, what to wear, where to meet our friends in the evening, or what to watch at home, and the consequences of that build us don't we? So every decision we make is the reflections that represent us. They will give clues to us. Have you ever thought about it? How many decisions do we make in our lifetime? How many clues do we give about ourselves in our lifetime?

Can you guess the size of the number? Let me give you a little tip. Just pick up the moments that every day just you decide what to wear. What do we pay attention to when making decisions? The parameters, of course! What are the parameters for clothing: the season, the weather that day, your mood, your body condition, the colors that suit you, and of course that where to go to. The top five are very subjective subjects. But I think I can help you decide by explaining a few general rules about how to select a pocket square based on the atmosphere

Let's divide these environments into three to make it easier to understand. First, let's say daily life, business life, then weddings and private invitations. If you want to take a look at how we should choose pocket squares in these three environments.

1) Daily Life

If you want to look a little more stylish in everyday life, nice pant, a good shirt, and a stylish jacket will save you. Of course, when you wear a jacket, you have to wear a pocket square. Let me tell you how to choose your pocket squares in everyday life. First, there is no need to avoid using contrasting colors. Your color scale is wide. But you must be compatible again. You can use the unity harmony of contrast colors. Please be careful with this. The way you folding mustn't be straight. Try some more miserable tying patterns. the peacock pocket square folding, which I described in a previous blog, maybe great for your everyday style. You can read how it's done in my Creative Folding Techniques blog. You can use linen, cotton, silk fabrics. You must look relaxed.

2) Business life

There's usually a suit requirement for business. In these suits, you can create your style with pocket squares. Use dark colors or direct white for your pocket squares to create a more serious look. If you have patterns in your selections, choose simple patterns. If you are interested in entrepreneurship, that is, if you have a creative and comfortable image, you can leave yourself a little more comfortable in colors and patterns. Cotton, wool, and linen may be preferred as fabrics. When you prefer wool, remember to pay attention to the weather. A wool pocket square for the summer months may not be much of a logical choice. İf we speak of folding, I love the presidential fold binding for serious looks. The Rose Pocket Square Fold may be very nice if you're looking to relax a bit more.


3) Special Invitations (Wedding)

When it comes to weddings and pocket square, the first question that is usually asked Is “ is pocket square used with boutonniere? “. The eye can be tiring if the two are used together. Your style will decide here. If you want to be assertive, you can combine the two harmoniously. Avoid choosing complex patterned pocket squares. You can adjust the fabric type according to the location. If the wedding place like a stylish place you must use silk and if a place like a beach than you must use linen. When choosing a color, pay attention to whether it is a night invitation or a day invitation. You may need to be a little more stylish and serious at night. Use dark tones at night. You can use pastel shades to choose a more comfortable suit during the day. If you're wearing a classic black tuxedo, always choose a white pocket square. If you're wearing a colorful tuxedo, you need to choose a pocket square that will match the colors. As folding types, you can make the choice you want according to your taste. For example, wave pocket square folding, 4 angled peaks pocket square folding, and 3 point crown pocket square folding types can be a good choice. And a final warning you must never overshadow the groom!