Holiday season has started with fall. Halloween has now passed. The next step is Thanksgiving Day, the day for coming together with your family, friends and colleagues. So better together is the best motto for this day. If you will be with your family on Thanksgiving, feel free, to wear your PJs or the jumper knitted by your mother. But before that you may have a Thanksgiving dinner organized by your company. Nowadays having a Thanksgiving dinner together is really popular among companies. Choosing an outfit is for that night is really hard. So I am going to do my best to help you. Lets start!

If you are a wolf of Wall Street or another suit guy in New York. Go ahead, wear your suit, choose a pocket square! It is not a work hour or a casual dinner. So a pocket square balances your appearance for Thanksgiving dinner of your company. A plain pocket square is a good choice for a New Yorker. It would look earnest but casual. Dark green pocket square would be a good choice. You can combine it with either a dark blue suit or a dark grey suit. Stay away from presidential fold! This fold is for work hours. The other folds work.

I know the weather is cold in Northern States. So you need a wool blazer for a Thanksgiving dinner in Boston or Seattle or any other cold Northern City. Brown or olive green are the best choices for wool blazers, but olive green is one step further for me. Turtleneck jumper looks good with wool blazer and it protects you from cold weather. Grey sounds great both for the turtleneck jumper and pocket square. Here fabric of your pocket square is really important. If everything else is wool, your pocket square must be wool too. Here presidential fold works. Because too much wool might look too casual, presidential fold makes it more serious.

Miami has its own style. Vivid colors and polka dots mean Miami. But for Thanksgiving dinner of your company, everything must be balanced. Actually for that night a nice jacket, a shirt without a tie and a cool pocket square are all you need. White shirt is your lifesaver for this combine. Assemble it with a nice jacket and a pocket square with Miami vibes. Red, burgundy, yellow; choose a vivid color for your pocket square. Pastel colors are not enough for Miami. Do not forget to choose something with polka dots. By the way satin is the best fabric for polka dots. So use a satin pocket square with polka dots. However it is known that satin misshapes easily. Using a pocket square holder prevents this misshaped look. If you are not a satin lover, silk would be preferable too. Silk reflects your high quality style. It also fits with polka dots. In addition a high quality fabric would be a good choice for your companies dinner. So make your choice, everything is up to you!