The arrival of each new season causes brand new excitement for us. The cold weather caused by the winter affects both our daily mood and our daily wear. That is why the spring that comes after a cold winter motivates us, especially if you are someone who does not like cold weather like me, here is the season we love! I think spring creates a different excitement both with the warming of the weather and the flowering of the trees. Of course, our clothes are affected by the arrival of spring. With the revival of the environment, we also want to dress colorfully and keep up with the spring, but one point should not be forgotten. Jackets! You should not rely on the warming of the weather, so it is useful to keep your jackets with you in the spring months. Also, jackets are a key part of fashion. The pocket squares to accompany your jackets are likewise.

Jackets are the pieces that save our lives, especially in the spring months. With the jackets you wear daily, you can reflect your mood around you and attract people's attention. I can hear you asking how this is possible. This is where pocket squares come into play. For example, imagine you are wearing a classic jacket, then the pocket square in your jacket pocket has the color or shape you love. Here is, with a little touch, your jacket has become special for you. The best part is, you dont have to wear a tie with your shirt, here is great blog on shirt and tie! At the same time, I think we reflect what we were feeling that day on our clothes. For instance, you don't want to use an orange pocket square with patterns on a day when you feel bad. Because no matter how much we do not notice, colors also have a language. Orange is a symbol of joy. So without being aware your hand may go for a black pocket square instead of orange, or if you need calmness at those moment, a blue pocket square might be a good choice for you. Speaking of ready-made colors and patterns, let's talk about pocket squares choices. What do you say?


First of all, I want to start with the yellow color, which is inspired by both the flowers blooming with the arrival of spring and the scattered lights of the sun. In addition to adding color to the jacket you wear yellow color, it will increase your mood by giving you energy. Although it seems like it attracts a lot of attention at first, I am sure that it will become a color that you cannot give up in time.


Now I want to talk about the color green. Green is an indispensable color in the spring months. With the spring season, trees and nature are almost resurrected. Every shade of green we see in its plants has a hopeful and peaceful effect on us. In fact, green reminds us of nature. This is exactly why a green pocket square to accompany your jacket in spring will be the right choice. If you want, pocket squares with various patterns or polka dots can also be interesting.

Finally, I would like to talk about the color blue, inspired by the sky and the sea. Blue color always has a calm and harmonious attitude. Therefore, you can be sure that no matter which shade of blue you prefer, it will be a very good choice, especially this spring months. Finally, I would like to talk about the blue color inspired by the sky and the sea. Blue color always has a calm and harmonious attitude. Therefore, no matter which shade of blue you prefer, you can be sure that it will be a very good choice, especially this spring. If you need to be in a serious environment such as a business meeting, a dark blue pocket square can help you. Or, you might prefer a light blue pocket square in a casual setting, like hanging out with your friends.

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