Celebrity Style

Celebrities are role models nowadays. People, especially the young ones tread in celebrities footsteps. Celebrities effect people, communities even countries. Their acts come to the fore, their style come into fashion, their haircut is the trend topic of the day. This list can move on like this and people never give up making comments of celebrities daily life or style. What am I, chopped liver? No! I have something to say about their style and accessories too. Lets start with Leo. 

Leo was nominated for Oscars many times. He is a magnificent actor. He is so handsome. He is successful. He is stylish. Above all, he is so sensitive about climate change, labor and laboring classes. He has his own style. But this time we are examining his style as the Great Gatsby. In the movie, he is seen with a nice suit and pocket square many times. The scene with his white jacket, brown west and yellow pocket square is amazing. We can see a real gentlemen here. Blondes don't be afraid of using yellow accessories. This scene proves blondes can use yellow. But you have to combine it with a nice jacket. The yellow satin pocket square look fantastic with white jacket. It is right up blondes’ street. Yes Leo, you are in! 


On the other hand, here the yellowish pocket square looks terrible with light brown jacket. So never ever wear something like that blondes! However you can use this pocket square with a white jacket again. Light brown is not you color, it shows you like a ghost. No Leo, this time you are out! 

Lets talk about Morgan Freeman, the living legend! He often prefers pocket squares and he is not afraid of wearing colorful things. Vivid colors look great on him. He prefers tones of purple for a premiere. Matching light purple pocket square with a dark purple jacket needs courage. With this look he broke down the prejudices. Puff fold of the pocket square completes this brave look. This look is a source of inspiration for black men. I am telling you, never afraid of colors!   

His all white look is another magnificent scene from a movie of him. White pocket square completes his elegant look. Puff fold is the key for this cool outfit. Without puff fold this look is nothing. Man like Morgan, take this white look seriously. It is so classy. If you want to be the man of the night, try this. You wont be regret. 


Here we have a handsome man again, Rami. With Freddie Mercury role, he proved the World that he is awesome. With his incredible look at MET gala, he also proved that he is so chic. His shirt is amazing. I really like shinny shirts like that. I wish all men would love it. His velvet jacket fits with his shirt and his final attempt is his pocket square. Using a silk pocket square softens the flashy look of the shirt. So fabric of the pocket square is really important here. Assertive outfits like that does not fit with cotton or microfiber pocket squares. Be aware of that! 

This is another MET gala suit of him. Parliament blue befits with his East genes and bring out his eyes. Brunette men with deep blue eyes parliament blue is your color. Never hesitate to use it! White is the best friend of parliament blue. So white shirt and white pocket square is the best choice for parliament blue suits. Using single point fold for his pocket square makes him look like a serious man and it is the best option for this outfit. Puff fold or presidential fold are not the folds of this outfit. For this outfit please close your look with point fold, it is highly recommended. 

Information is skimmed on how celebs dress from pictures available publicly.