Colors for Occasions

Nowadays the most important thing is the fitting in with ambiance. You may think you are out of place if your dress is not in line with dress code at the occasion. When I said the dress code I mean the atmosphere of the occasion, not some letters on an invitation. Also when I said the occasion, I do not mean a party at all. I mean things like business interviews, weddings, meetings and so on. Here is my piece of advice! Calm down! I am here to explain! 

Wedding season has just opened so lets start with that. I know most of you prefer black suit with white shirt. Bowties, pocket squares even ties are used as accessories. By the way I am the one who prefers pocket squares as a wedding suit accessory. Others are too classic. I also think this classic thing for the black suits but I cannot break with all tradition. So as a trendy recommendation, you cannot go wrong with black pocket squares. 

White shirt and white pocket square with black suit is history now. Make a difference!  

On the other hand if you have a wedding ceremony on the beach, baby blue suit is the best option. Because black would be too dark that kind of ceremony. A cream shirt and cream or pink pocket square complete the total look.  


Do not ever forget to use a pocket square holder to hold your pocket square. Because you are the man of the night and you do not want that look, pocket square disappearing into top pocket. How careless! 

Except wedding, another biggest concern of young people is the job interviews. They can not decide what to wear easily and finally somehow they choose a suit and go with it. A nice navy blue or dark blue jacket is better instead of a suit and the color is important. Because blue has a calming effect and it lightens the mood. So here for this occasion blue is a great choice. Again a pocket square would be a great accessory. A nice jacket with a pocket square is enough to be not too formalnot too casual. If you prefer a plain jacket, you can use a pocket square with red or mustard colored patterns for a great match. On the other hand, for a patterned jacket a nice cream or light green pocket square must be chosen for the color reflection. 

It is not enough I know. I can hear you talking about that elegant dinner. Light grey jacket with dark green pocket square is more than enough for that. Because light grey is the best option for the remarkable night lights, it absorbs them. The important part for here is the fabric. Do not use a silk pocket square with that kind of lights, if you do not want to look like a neon tube. Cotton pocket square is the best for that kind of occasions and it must be in a dark color to complete the look of the light jacket. Also for the garden events or garden parties, this outfit is great. Here green pocket square creates great harmony with the nature. Please do not forget to use a square holder otherwise  your pocket square become misshaped because of the wind. 


Finally! And the Oscar goes to first date night! I know all of you have hesitations for the first date. Be cool! Again navy blue or dark blue are on the carpet because of their calming effect. Blue calms you and your partner down. Orange represents creativity. So you can match it with an orange pocket square to show your creative part. Also you can use a red one which symbolizes the passion you have. After talking about passion, I can retire at top!