It is October, month of Halloween… It is the funniest time of year. People decorate their houses with pumpkins, skeletons, spider webs and the other amusing incredible things. Colorful costumes are worn this time of year. Children knock the doors to trick or treat. Please make the candies ready for them. Also make your costumes ready for Halloween. If they were not ready, we could choose your Halloween costume together.

First of all vampire costumes are the legend for Halloween. They are the most wanted ones and Dracula is the most known vampire figure. So lets consider Dracula movies. Count Dracula is a well-dressed character. Dracula absolutely wears a cloak and stand up collar jacket. He completes his look with an elegant pocket square and bow tie. Black and white look is his signature. Therefore a white pocket square works for you. Use a satin one. Because satin looks assertive and everybody knows Count Dracula’s assertive attitudes. Moreover use a pocket square holder to hold your pocket square. You do not want to ruin your costume with a misshaped pocket square. On the other hand you can make some changes if this costume is for your child. You can make it more dynamic. Maybe a polka dotted pocket square works and looks more childish. Again you can prefer black and white combine for polka dotted pocket square. Also greens and yellows can be preferred for polka dots. All of them provide that childish look for the costume.

Magician look is the secondly most wanted thing for Halloween. Bowler hat, cloak, vest and pocket square are the main steps for this costume. Again black and white are the main components but shinny yellow or red can be used for a child’s costume.A shinny yellow pocket square make your child’s costume different from the others. It would be more original. On the hand a vivid blood red pocket square is preferable too. Red attracts attention to your costume. If you use a red pocket square you do not have to mind the fabric of it. Because red shows itself with every fabric. So why are you waiting, go and get a magician costume with a nice striking pocket square to your child.
Scary movie characters are really popular for Halloween costumes, for example Saw movie character with his clown face and nice pocket square. You or your child can wear a mask for this face also you can use body crayons and this time red is added to black and white combine. After your face preparation you can move on with red pocket square. Here, red represents the ambition and passion of a person. Furthermore two point fold is the iconic part. You should use your red attractive pocket square with that fold to allure people. A pocket square holder is your must have thing to hold that fold. Fabric of the pocket square is also important. It should be shinny and attractive up to the character. Silk or satin would be suitable for pocket square of this costume. After all these you are ready to scare your neighbours. Be careful people, someone wants to play a game.
Our last character is Charlie Chaplin. He was very talented. He was an icon. Trying to look like him is not an easy job. Outfits are not the only solution for that, also your attitudes must be like him. Still I can give you some clue to be like him. His bowler hat, moustache, hair and pocket square are his attraction points. You can only see a little part of his pocket square but it must be there with a careless look. Contrary to color of his hat and moustache, it should be white. Cotton can be chosen for that careless look. After solve the pocket square issue draw a moustache, find a hat and go to streets.