This time of year is a bit unfortunate, important days are now behind us. Even though newer ones are coming. What did I mean by important days? I meant Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day or the days like that. We passed all of them and an important day cannot is not in horizon for a while, but we do not need an important day or event to buy a present to our beloved ones. This thing, remembering your beloved ones, comes from your hearth at any time or any place and when you remember them sometimes one call is enough but sometimes you buy something special for them to show you care. When this feeling comes to my heart, I immediately open my notebook and find an accessory for them as a present. Accessories are the best gift choices. Because  you do not need to mind size issues. So lets talk about best accessories as a gift.

Two or three days ago this sense bothered me. I thought I should send a present to one of my best friends who lives in another city. Because he is a doctor and during pandemic days a little surprise would brighten up his day. So I selected two different pocket squares him as a present. Pocket square would be a dependable gift for a friend. Because as I mentioned before you do not need to worry about his size. I chose a cotton one and a silk one. The reason for that is one of them is sportive and the other is classic. So he can always use them in different places. You can prefer two pocket squares from different fabrics or you can choose a pocket square set which contains ten or twelve different pocket squares. That way he can use it at any palace regardless of the event. Plain pocket squares would be more guaranteed. Because he can easily wear them with any pattern. I also chose plain pocket squares for my friend. Grey would be a great option. Because grey fits with all colors.

What if I want to buy a present one of my colleagues who is really nice to me from the time I started to work. I again buy a pocket square with a pocket square holder if he is a man. If she is a women I also buy a pocket square. Nowadays it is really popular with women. Women can attach it onto the chain of their bag or on their hairpin. Consider a red pocket square on a blonde woman’s bun, what a nice scene! Red pocket square is a good option as non-specific event present for a women. On the other hand you can buy a polka dotted pocket square to your nice man college. Actually it is up to the atmosphere and style of your workplace. Luckily polka dots nearly fit with every theme and atmosphere. Still you can give him a plain pocket square too.

Suddenly that feeling comes to your heart for your lovely papa. He always cares for you, now it is your turn. Send him a nice pocket square, surprise! It would make him so happy. A wool pocket square is the best choice for a dad. A yellow leaf on a grey surface Description automatically generated with low confidence Dark colors can be chosen. Because dark colors fit with wool fabrics. Dark blue, green or brown would work. Also yellow tones show the quality of wool fabrics. No matter if it is dark or light, yellow always attracts attention on wool. In addition yellow is the most suitable color for patterns. Especially paisley pattern displays its soft effect on yellow. So choosing a patterned yellow pocket square for your father would be lovely.