This time of the year is beautiful. Giant Christmas trees are ready. Everywhere is sparkling. Everybody has a rush to buy Christmas presents and decorate their own trees. Everything is perfect except the conditions of the pandemic. People, especially me, are afraid of  going to shops and prefers to find something from the brands’ websites. Actually it is the best way, nowadays we all are advised not to visit the elderlies. So when you shop online, at least you can send your present directly to its owner without any touch. For this reason lets discuss some online Christmas gifts!

Online shopping is the easiest way but it also have its own difficulties. Sometimes you buy something perfect for your size but when it arrives, it does not fit on your body. This size situation is even harder when you try to buy present for someone else. Therefore the best online gift is an accessory like a pocket square. Also it is a good choice as Christmas gift, it is not too expensive but elegant. If you want send a gift to your father or father in law, go ahead, never hesitate, buy him a pocket square.

Paisley pattern really reflects the Christmas spirit. Design of this pattern is like the ornaments. If you choose a pocket square with paisley pattern, it will be a great Christmas gift. Red or green and red ones look like a Christmas tree, so they can be good option. If your father is older than sixty, wool pocket squares are better for his style. Because elder men usually prefer wool jackets and it fits with a wool pocket square. If your father is between 45 to 60, a cotton pocket square would be better. Because mostly men between that age wear something between semi-formal and casual. Therefore a cotton pocket square would be a lifesaver for them.

Maybe this Christmas gift is just for a friend who is now in another state. Again online shopping is your hero. Just write his address. Sending him a pocket square for Christmas would be a really nice gesture. Lets consider a pocket square for a close friend. A silk pocket square would be classy and make him feel special. In order to finish this duty without any risk buy a plain pocket square. Red is the best choice for a Christmas gift but also light blue can be chosen. Because light blue fits with everything. You can also send him a pocket square holder. Silk pocket squares misshape easily, so with a pocket square holder this gift would be more meaningful.

Never forget your grandparents! In addition, never visit them under COVID conditions. Just send them a gift and call them to express your best wishes. Please think about your health & theirs . So for your grandfather’s gift do not bother to find a shop. Just use your computer or mobile. Find him a pocket square. A tartan pocket square can be chosen for a grandpa. Tartan shows itself on cotton or wool. So prefer this fabrics for the tartan pocket square. Maybe you can send a pocket square to your grandmother too. She can attach it onto her bag handle. Sending tartan pocket squares to both of them can be witty. One tartan pocket square for him and one tartan pocket square for her… What a brilliant idea! Just send her a satin one. Because attaching satin on a bag handle is easier than wool or cotton. Also she can use it on her neck like a necklace. This is so good for a grandma’s style. Lets make it! Christmas is coming!