Father’s Day Gift Guide

We know that finding the perfect gift for a man can be tough, especially when The Father’s Day is this close! Sometimes the reason of this struggle is the fact that you think he already has everything that he needs or just because he is a very picky person. In order to buy him the perfect gift, you need something safe but also outstanding at the same time for both of the scenarios. 

Another important point that you might be thinking is your budget. Your father, your grandfather, your children’s father, etc. Too many people to consider but too little time. Maybe even on a tight budget! 

Whether he is a serious businessman or a person who likes to dare or someone with a great sense of humour; we have a great suggestion for you. An affordable, yet a sophisticated way to show him the love he deserves: Pocket Squares!  

Let’s jump into the different options! 

If the person you want to buy a gift for is a businessman with a slightly bit more serious attitude staying away from bold colors and crazy prints is much safer. Choosing a pocket square with pastel or neutral colors will be much easier for him to use it in his outfits. Simple one colored pocket squares can be used at formal occasions such a business meeting or at casual occasions such as a dinner party with colleagues, without making a compromise from being stylish and sleek. 


If he is a person who likes to be experimental with his look and tend to become the “fashion-forward” in the room safe is not your friend in this case! Stay away from the plain pocket squares and look for something outstanding without screaming “I am here!”. For example, a pocket square with a paisley design can be the one for him. He can rock this pocket square without a tie and with a simpler outfit compared to the pocket square, or become the star of a wedding by putting on a solid colored pocket square, which is in a harmony with the pocket square but matching.  


If he is a person with a great sense of humor and likes playing around, this time it is better to stay away from pastel colored pocket squares and pocket squares with a paisley design. For  fun person like him, polka dot pocket square can be the answer! He can even use this accessory to start a conversation or to give that fun vibe to others. It will be  complimentary to his outfit for parties and even for business meetings. If he keeps everything else simpler, why not help him  become the fun focus but still sleek colleague in meeting room. 


If you are on a small budget we have another tip for you! ekSel Pocket Square Set involves 15 different styles; 5 different solid color, 5 different paisley design, 5 different polka dot design. This set will help you to give gifts to different type of men in your life; your father, grandfather, husband, son and best friend. Even though they all have different places in your life and have different styles, one thing is certain that involves a suitable pocket square for each and every one of them. But if you are more flexible with your budget, buying a set for each of them is another option. Here is the set:  


In the end no matter what you buy or decide not to buy, if you are able to show your love to him, that is the biggest Father’s Day Gift! But still, why not give him something that your loved one will keep for years and remember you every time he looks at it in the mirror! 

Let’s just hope that he won’t forget The Mother’s Day or The Women’s DayJ