First Day of Work

First day of everything is special. First day of work, first day of marriage, first day of holiday… People care about that day. But sometimes not only the person who lives that day cares, but also his/her supervisor or partner or family cares too. So wearing best suitable outfit matters so much on that day. Here is a piece of advice for the outfit onyour first day.


Most of us  work in offices. Your outfit is really important for the office image, especially first day outfit. White or light blue shirts are highly recommended in order to soften the atmosphere! Pocket squares and ties are highly recommended accessories. You can use a plain pocket square in harmony with your  shirt.  Please avoid patterned pocket square for the first office day. A plain look would be enough for that day. However you can heart up your appearance with puff fold. Using a pocket square holder is really important at this point. Because puff fold can be misshaped easily. So a pocket square holder hold it tight. Also don’t be afraid to use light colored jackets for the first day. Contrary to popular belief you do not have to wear dark colored jackets. Light colors are the key for a comfortable atmosphere.

If you are a professor a reciter in a university belts, watches, pocket squares and gingham patterned wool jackets must be your best friend from the first day. Brown and yellow tones, grey blue combines are the best colors for the gingham pattern. If you prefer brownish tones for the jacket white shirt and yellowish pocket squares would be the best. On the other hand blue-grey gingham patterned jackets fit with light blue shirts. White pocket squares are perfect choice for this kind outfits. Also fabric of the pocket square is important. You can use a silk pocket square with a wool jacket. Satin pocket square can be used too.


An architect or civil engineer who works in a building site as controller must look tough in order to show his authority. But also their outfit must be comfortable because of site conditions.  So for the first day a dark colored blazer with a black shirt is the perfect match under a safety helmet. Lots of accessories cannot be used at a building side but a pocket square is quite enough for this accessory need. A black and white pocket square completes your rough look.


For the first day a lawyer must look serious enough to earn people’s respect but also he must look elegant enough to be a gentlemen. Polka dots and stripes are the lifesaver for these definitions. They are the main objects for both. Also blue tones are appropriate for these definitions. So as a lawyer you can combine blue tones with stripes and polka dots for your first work day. Stripes are better for ties. On the other hand polka dots fit with pocket squares. You can chose a dark blue pocket square with white polka dots. It looks great on a dark blue or black jacket. Puff fold or single point fold can be chosen with a polka doted pocket square. Both look elegant. Silk or satin pocket squares are better for a lawyer. Because this fabrics shows the high quality. But there is a handicap about these fabrics. They misshape and wrinkle a lot. So a pocket square holder must be used in order to prevent this situation. Please use a dark colored pocket square holder for this dark colored pocket squares. Because if somehow your pocket square holder is seen, a light collar is realized. But if you use a dark colored one, no one can see it. It is thought as a part of your pocket square.


Till next time,