Four Reasons Why You Should Wear Pocket Square

Fashion may seem a little tricky for men since it’s not always easy to keep track of new trends and apply them. While some men like to take fashion adventures with every single occuring trend, some might like to play it safe. However, fashion is not all about new trends, choosing classics is always an option to be stylish. Pocket squares are one of the timeless pieces that you can wear to elaborate your style. Pocket squares have been around for quite a long time, and have become a great detail to add different looks for different purposes. They are the perfect accessories for men who want to be stylish without taking risks. But if you are still hesitant to use pocket squares, here I list 4 reasons why you should start wearing a pocket square.   

The first reason is, pocket squares make a difference and help you to stand out, even among other sharp dressed people. Although pocket squares are perfect for stylish men, not every man that you encounter wears it. In fact, very few people use pocket square. So a pocket square is a small touch with a great impact in that sense, because it points out you are not an ordinary person and you care about details. When you wear a pocket square, people will notice that you care about the details and put effort into yourself. Pocket squares draw people’s attention to you and your unique style and prove that you are remarkable, in exchange for a very little effort.  


The second reason is, pocket squares add personality to your outfit. Making your outfit speak for yourself may not be easy with the repetitive cloths of today, but you can always add a little something from yourself. The pocket square is the excellent accessory for this purpose. They can single handedly change the direction of your outfit and spice it up. They enable you to make a statement about yourself. You can choose to appear either elegant or flamboyant, formal or casual, earnest or fun, classy or wild just by wearing a pocket square. Even the most ordinary outfits may become a bold reflection of your personality with pocket squares.   


The third reason is, pocket squares are very versatile. You can choose which one to wear or how you wear it. There are several different sizes, folds, colors and patterns of pocket square and each one has its own impact on your outfit. Moreover, there are both pocket squares for suits and pocket squares for casual outfits. As much as it is a classic piece of fashion, it is always possible to play with colors and folds and experiment with different looks with pocket squares. Pocket squares give you a rare opportunity in men’s fashion: to have fun with fashion while creating different combinations. You can go for a bold paisley pocket square or an elegant pocket square with a plain color, choose puff fold for a casual party or presidential fold for a business meeting, match your tie with your pocket square or create a contrast, wear it with a classy suit or a blazer. It’s up to you how you wear your pocket square.  


The last and maybe the most important reason is; pocket squares are simple and affordable. You can wear a pocket square, add personality to your outfit and stand out among other people for a little expense and effort. Pocket squares are not the most expensive items in the fashion world. You can just buy a pocket squares set that includes different colors and patterns for a reasonable price and voila! You are good to rock any kind of look you want. Even for the most luxurious look, it is enough to choose a solid color classy pocket square with a good quality. In addition to being affordable, pocket squares are also very easy to use. You can master most of the pocket square folds even in the first time. On top of these, it is very portable. You can wear it or take it out any time you want throughout the day.  


Wearing a pocket square is an easy and fun way of looking stylish. Just give it a try, and you’ll see how easy being stylish might be.