Have You Ever Seen A Fortune Teller?

Yes, I have! He, yes, he not she, learnt that I am a Sagittarius. He told me something about color of my sign which I already knew 

However he also told me that paisley is my pattern and he explained why. In addition, he made some predictions about my upcoming daily life if I wore or used something with paisley pattern. I did not care initially but everything started going wrong. Terrible things started to happen and my life turned into a nightmare. So I decided to take his advice and use some accessories with paisley pattern. Then somethings started to change interestingly. I do not know why. Maybe I convinced myself about the fortune teller or I was so desperate that I needed something to believe in. As consequence, I started studying about the relationship between patterns and zodiac signs. 

Paisley pattern is like a bridge between East and West. It is an old Persian pattern but its name comes from a town in Scotland. Its almond shape has Persian origins. Almond figure is really important in Persian culture because almond is tree of Heaven and symbolizes divine grace. Also in Chinese culture, it represents beauty and resilience. In different religions it signifies purity. So as a Sagittarius this pattern is just my cup of tea. 

A Paisley pocket square is a golden idea for a Sagittarius. It shows our west side and east side at the same time. Also it shows our purity and power. A paisley patterned pocket square match with either plain jackets or striped jackets. For summer nights a light color jacket and a cotton pocket square with paisley pattern is a kind of lifesaver. Also according to my fortune teller, it helps us the hit the jackpot! 

We all know that purple is the color of Sagittarius and it represents luxury. For a luxurious event a silk pocket square with purple paisley pattern is a splendid idea. Don’t be confused about the color of your shirt. Purple pocket squares really fit with white shirt. It does not matter if the tone of the purple is light or dark. Every tone of purple match with a nice white shirt. However fold of your pocket square matters with the tone. If you prefer a light purple pocket square, puff fold shows your modern and noble side. On the other hand for a dark purple pocket square please prefer single point fold to show the world that you are classy enough to be a royal. Either way, you are in the limelight.

Again paisley is uniquely suited to Pisces. Because Pisces is the most emotional sign and its emotions are infinite like the sea.  

Maybe it is the reason for its color, turquoise. Turquoise is also color of the sea, the infinite one, infinite turquoise. In addition to this paisley pattern is also infinite. There are no borders, no end in this pattern. It can continue forever. So paisley pattern represents infinite emotions of Pisces. Dear Pisces you can show your deepest side with this pattern and color. So it is great to use a turquoise, paisley pattern pocket square on your first date. Support your look with a single point fold to show your strongest side. In this way you can show sensitive part and strong part together. Please use a pocket square holder to make a sharp single point fold. This sharp shape really attracts your partner's attention. 

Paisley, plain outfits and accessories are again your type. Because you are secretive and you know benefits of it. You give people a clue then take back seat until they come to you. It is a kind of strategy. You know that you are full of emotion.. The best way to show this side of yours is plain outfits. Plain outfits keep secrets too, they do not give a clue about your personality. So when you need, wear a grey jacket, use a plain turquoise pocket square and give as little information as possible and wait for them to take the bait!