Doctors are our superheroes, particularly during these pandemic days days. Actually they are everyday superheros but unfortunately some of us have not realised it until these corona days. Also some of us have not realised but they have their own style. Really! Think about it some outfits remind us surgeons, some psychiatrists. Let’s take a closer look to their style after all they are our heroes.

Both our physical and mental health is important. One of them affects the other.. But nowadays a psychiatrist is one step closer to me because of stay home campaigns. We all are bored and need to talk with an expert. What does this expert, I mean this psychiatrist wear? Based on my observations psychiatrists mostly wear blue shirts. Because blue has a calming effect. Also usually they wear a nice jacket with nice pocket squares. This gives them a serious look. High quality pocket squares are suitable for them. This high quality is supplied with the fabric. Nice wool pocket squares with polka dots absolutely give that effect. Wool plain purple pocket squares can be chosen too. However what if it is summer? Then silk pocket squares would be proper. Stripes are best friend of silk. So a striped silk pocket square with a light colored jacket looks nice and also represents the psychiatrist style.

Style of a surgeon is pretty different than soft look of the psychiatrist. Up to me image of a surgeon is tough. Therefore black is their color; black jackets, black tees even black pocket squares. A surgeon can combine all these black items or they can chose a stiff transition between the colors. For example black and white combination represent this transition. Again a black tee and jacket can be used with white pocket square or white tee can be chosen with black jacket and black pocket squares. All of these pieces must be plain I guess. Because I cannot imagine a surgeon with polka dot pocket square especially he is a younger one with muscles. But if he is an older surgeon, their tough appearance leaves that look into an easygoing one. So pocket squares with polka dots are suitable for them.
A pediatrician must look cute. Because their target audience is children. Children can be afraid of them. So firstly a pediatrician must get rid of this fear. The best way for that is a cute outfit and nice accessories. Maybe a pocket square with vivid colors help that cute look. Also geometrical patterns can be chosen for the pocket square. Even a pocket square with cartoon characters can be used for that nice look. Using satin pocket square can be an important detail because of its shiny look. This shinny look attracts children's attention. If you can combine this nice outfit with nice gestures and attitudes, children never feel that doc fear, I am sure about that. 

A plastic surgeon must always look cool, I think. Because I need to rely on a man who knows what is cool and attractive to reshape my appearance. Therefore breezy blazers with pocket squares and jaunty shirts are their must have things. Light colored jackets and blue pocket squares are one option for a plastic surgeon look. Also something different can be interesting. For example a light pink-purple colored jacket is really good for a plastic surgeon. He can combine it with a different pocket square such as a patterned colorful one. Yellow, green, blue, red all these colors can be seen on that pocket square. That would look assertive and affect people who want a plastic surgeon help.