How NBA Stars Use Pocket Squares in Their Styles?

Dear readers, in this blog I wanted to gather my love for sports and pocket squares together. So, we will be looking into the styles of most famous NBA stars who are actively playing and how do they use pocket squares in their fashion game? As most of the NBA fans know the 2019-2020 season has reopened on the 30th of July after it has taken hold because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The season now continues at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida in a single site campus with no live audience, in order to prevent the possible consequences of COVID-19. There are 22 teams as 9 teams from the Eastern Conference and 13 teams from the Western Conference. After this quick info session, let's remember why we are here. Yes, you know me well, it is because of the pocket squares. We all know there are many great players in NBA but I wanted to narrow it down to 2 players who are actively playing and my personal favorites in terms of their style. The first player is LeBron James because let's be honest he is the goat and he is one of those names that everyone thinks about when it comes to basketball. The second player we will be talking about is Russell Westbrook because I love his style and his support for women's sports.  

Firstly, let's start with the style of LeBron James. Currently, the 35 years old athlete continues his career at Los Angeles Lakers. He has a career that people will be talking long after his retirement. As an athlete at his caliber, everything he does has the potential to be the talk of town including his clothing choices. In our case, we will be focusing on how he uses the pocket squares in his style. Bron is the classic gentleman when it comes to his pocket square choice. Like the power, athleticism, and timeless game he shows people whenever he is on the court, he usually matches his suits with a timeless plain white pocket square in the powerful presidential fold. The first picture below is from the opening of I Promise School, you can see him with a light gray suit and a classic plain white pocket square in the presidential fold he is definitely radiating trust and confidence. The second picture is from a Lakers and Warriors game, this attire is a mix of formal and casual in what we can call a very basketball style with a hoodie under the jacket and a white pocket square. 

Let's talk about the style of Russell Westbrook, currently playing alongside James Harden at Huston Rockets. You might know him because of his famous triple-doubles, but he is one of the most stylish players in the league. In fact, he is probably followed by fashion journalists as much as sports journalists. He is not only great at the game of basketball but also has a great fashion game. You will understand what I am talking about if you ever check out his pregame fits. His style is never boring, it is daring, experimental, and wild. Now let's check out how does Westbrook use pocket square? His way of using pocket squares is definitely the definition of how they should be used. He is good with color matching, daring with the way he uses the folding styles. Moreover, he uses squares in a way that perfectly complements his whole outfit. Here are the two examples that you can see his pocket square choices. The first picture is from a red carpet event, you can see how smartly he uses a completely different color than his suit nevertheless, the gray pocket square with white polka dots complements his shirt and elevates its look. Also, I would like to point out the folding style he uses and how it turns his look from normal to sophisticated. The second picture is from a pregame look, here his pocket square choice is a great example that how a square can nurture an intense look with the right color and folding choice. You see his plain white pocket square perfectly abbreviates his outfit by complementing his white shirt. What he creates with the two-point fold though is absolutely heightens that glorious striped suit.  


We came to the end of this blog dear readers but see you later with more pocket square content and maybe if you like this blog see you with more sports content, too.