How The Suits Actors Uses Pocket Squares

According to media watchdog Ofcom, during the lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic rate of TV watching and online streaming has increased tremendously. Another not so shocking news about increased stream time is that services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are watched more than an hour per day and 12 million people joined theseservices. Even more revealing information is that 3 million of these people had never subscribed to any of these services before. Your pocket square fairy also contributed to that increased stream time by getting herself lost in binge-watching all those TV shows and movies. One of those shows I watched was ‘Suits’ and it gave me great ideas in terms of pocket squares. Since I love sharing my love for pocket squares, I thought why not make a blog about pocket squares and the TV show Suits. So today my dear readers, we will get into New York's best lawyers' wardrobes and see how they are using pocket squares. The lawyers I choose for this blog are the great Harvey Specter, the genius Mike Ross, and one and only Louis Litt. Let's see how these cutthroat lawyers use their style as an extra force at trials.

Harvey Specter show's most charismatic and successful corporate attorney who is also known as the best closer in the city. Harvey Specter uses his charm in every case he has and you just watch in awe. He is well aware of the fact that the looks are an important part of his success and he always wears the finest suits. Let's see how he improves his charismatic looks by adding a pocket square to his attire. Harvey is totally a classic man when it comes to his style. So, usually, you will see him using a plain colored pocket square with a presidential fold. Let's check out the two pictures I have picked for you to understand how he applies pocket squares to his style. The first image clarifies what I am talking about when I say, classic. It is simple, yet elegant. He completed his look with a plain white pocket square in the presidential fold. I usually recommend my readers to go with the color of their shirt's color or lighter shades of their shirt's color while they are trying to pick a color for their square. The first picture is a great example of that recommendation, you can see how it makes his attire attractive and well balanced. The second will show you a slightly more adventurous side of Harvey. It is a great example of how to use the colors in your outfit, you see his tie is the darkest blue shade in his attire then goes his jacket with white stripes and he balances them with a classy white shirt. Then comes the last hit, his pocket square. You see, he uses a lighter shade of blue just enough to balance the darker shades and lighter shades. Thanks for the great tips, Harvey.


Here comes Mike Ross. Well, I am so sorry Mike fans but his style can be described more like smart casual and he does not use pocket square much (Can we put a sad face emoji here?). The good news is your pocket square found a picture of him using one. Let's check it out. You see his jacket and shirt are both patterned so as a wise move he chooses a plain color that can contrast their colors. Also, I think it is a good choice to use the pocket square in a single fold with this kind of casual outfit. To be honest, (and believe me, I am not saying this cause I am always writing about them) I think the pocket square addition to this outfit was spot on. It definitely does something to this normally boring combination.


 It is time for Louis Litt also known as the financial wizard. Louis uses pocket squares in his attires a lot and I think we can say that as opposed to Harvey's his style is more various. To be more clear, let's see the pictures I chose for you. The first picture is a good example of how you can go out of your comfort zone and use a patterned square with a combination like this. Look he used a lighter shade of blue in his pocket square and he wasn't afraid to go with a polka dot design. Even though his jacket and tie are both patterned, he wasn't afraid to go with a patterned square. The important thing about it is he didn't use a square that has the exact same design as his tie. Also, the color choices are well blended. The second outfit is my favorite. I loved that he used a pocket square that just partly contains the same color as his tie. Also, the puff fold is a good choice with this outfit, it definitely made it look more stylish. 


 Whether you like Harvey, Mike, or Louis's style the best. I will always recommend you to add a pocket square to your style. You will see how it can elevate your looks significantly. Don't forget to check out ekSel's pocket square collections there are squares for everyone's style.