How to Display Your Personality with Pocket Squares

Our outfits say a lot about our personality, especially if you add a little something from you with accessories. Accessories are tools for people to mirror their personalities. Pocket squares, for instance. With a lot of different folds, designs, colors and patterns, pocket squares are perfect to display personality. You can hint your personality and manner with a little effort by wearing a pocket square. The best part of the pocket square is, it is really easy to use. Although it’s a simple accessory that seems like an unimportant detail, it is still a key one in reflecting your essence with your outfit. If you still have doubts about the relationship between pocket squares and personality, or don’t know how to make a pocket square represent your personality; keep reading my blogpost as I am giving you three different examples and explore how you can make use of this powerful accessory.

Puff fold with colorful pocket squares for nonchalant men

puff fold pocket square personality

Let’s say, you are a bright and fun man with a sense of humor. You like to display your playful personality even in the most formal environments. You want to look carefree and casual while still keeping it stylish. Try to spice up your outfit with a colorful pocket square or a pocket square with pattern. You can go for puff fold for this purpose. Puff fold is one of the easiest and casual folds. Just pick a pocket square with a flamboyant color or maybe with a vivid pattern. Pair with a horn rimmed sunglasses and a blazer. Your relaxed yet bright aura will charm everyone around you.

Presidential fold pocket squares for a classy and elegant men

presidential fold style personality

You could also be a modern, straightforward and, confident man who prefers a simple yet classical style. It isn’t hard to imagine your wardrobe as full with sharp suits. Adding a simple white or dark blue pocket square to your outfit will emphasise your elegance even more. You should combine your pocket square with a tie. Keep it sleek and timeless with your pocket square in presidential fold and matching tie.

Scallop fold with a solid color pocket square

scallop fold pocket square

Or, maybe you are a traditional men who is very strict and principled. You are probably known with your modest style. Scallop fold is just tailor made for you. It might seem a bit complicated, but it’s not a big deal for a man of integrity who does not abstain from putting effort, like yourself. Pick a dark burgundy or golden pocket square and place it in your pocket. Always go for a tie. Let people know who you are: classic but prominent.

Winged puff fold for romantic men

winged puff fold for romatics

If you are an incorrigible romantic who likes to pay attention to details, winged puff is perfect for you. While it brings out the part of you that is not afraid of expressing emotions, it proves that you like to exhibit your difference with a unique fold and a passionate color. Choose a wine pocket square and be ready for people to explore you even deeper. Do not forget to match your pocket square with a bow tie.


Pocket squares are the ultimate and easiest accessories to showcase your personality on your outfit. Countless varieties of colors, patterns or folds undercover depths of your personality. Do not hesitate to use it to signal your own personality.