How To Rock Your Online Meetings With The Perfect Pocket Square

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is first identified in Wuhan China after an outbreak of respiratory illness cases. Then, on the 30th of January COVID-19 outbreak is announced as a global health emergency by WHO and on March 11, 2020 COVID-19 is declared as a global pandemic. Coronavirus spreads through droplets generated by an infected person's coughs, sneezes, or exhales. Therefore, being within close proximity to someone that got infected or touching a contaminated surface and then your nose, mouth, or eyes can infect you too. The risk of getting infected when you are within close proximity to an infected person caused some necessary changes for the whole world. Most schools are now giving online education and many businesses have now adopted WFH (Work From Home). Naturally, this shift affected the ways of communication, too. In this new normal, the meetings and seminars are mostly held on online via zoom, Skype, or teams. Online meetings might mean that you don't have to wear your work pants and you can probably stay in your PJs most of the time. However, dear readers, your upper body is still there right in front of the camera. Don't worry though, your pocket square fairy is here to give you tips about how to rock that online meeting with a good jacket and pocket square combination.

Here you will find tips about how to wear your pocket square to impress your colleaguesbut this time it will be online. Online or not it is important to show attention to your attire in a professional environment. This way, you are actually showing how much you care about your job and how serious you are. On a less serious note, you can wear your most comfortable shorts or PJ’s beneath and no one will ever guess that. Come on then let's get started. 

Personally, I love a good dark suit. I think it brings out the professional and go-getter in people and that dark suit becomes a hit when there is a pocket square on it. For these reasons, a dark colored suit matched with a classic plain pocket square can be a good choice for the meetings with your managers for example. You can go with a presidential or single point fold; it would add an extra amount of professionalism to your look.  For the less serious meetings like weekly meetings with your teammates you can wear light colored jackets with a shirt or even with a plain colored t-shirt. This combination might not seem as professional but that's where the pocket square comes in. Get ready for the admiration coming from your colleagues. Here I have some suggestions for the ones who can’t decide what kind of pocket square to use. I always suggest that you should have a classic white pocket square in your collection. It is definitely a lifesaver at indecisive moments! Other than the white pocket square you can go with an experimental approach and try printed models like polka dots or paisley. I would especially recommend the printed models for the less serious meetings   The point is to find that perfectly matching pocket square to elevate your professional look. Based on the seriousness of the meeting you can decide if you will wear a tie or not. If you are going to wear a tie, try not to forget the golden rule 'don't match your tie and pocket square exactly'. Other than that just be yourself and try to show your true personality; be wild and use printed models, be classic, and use simple plain models, be adventurous, and use different folding types. Whatever you choose, I can guarantee that you will look professional and sharp when you add a pocket square into the equation.

As your pocket square fairy, it is my job to show you the direction to a good pocket square collection. Check out ekSel's pocket square collections, there you will find squares with plain colors and pocket squares in different designs.