With the arrival of new year 2021 and the pandemic in the whole world, your business begins to get complicated at this time, especially if you are a university student. In these times when our whole lives are transferred to online environments, we spend many hours with the computers. As a result of this, we are constantly faced with cameras. Online meetings, lectures, assignments and more.. We realize the whole process of learning or exhibiting what we have learned into our seat, only through a computer and camera. And, just like anyone else who puts in effort, I know you want to do your best for your career.

For example, do you have a presentation that you need to prepare for tomorrow? Or a meeting you should attend at the institution where you performed your internship? Then I can see that you have a lot to do.

Here I am right here to ease your affairs a little bit. Are you wondering how? Let's start.

Because of all the complexity, fatigue and perhaps the effort to get things done, you may not pay attention to what you wear or the details of your clothes when you wake up in the morning. Perhaps you are missing the most important point! Because when you stand in front of many people, the first point that draws attention is always your style. They will think that you are stylish, serious or formal by looking at your style. When you face the camera during in pandemic, only a certain part of your body is visible.That is why shirts, jackets or pocket squares gain enourmous importance.

Yes you heard it right, maybe you will gain an advantage when you wear a jacket or pocket squares that match your jacket. First of all, dressing well always reflects self-confidence. One of the most important parts of providing this self-confidence is pocket square. Yes, that’s a good trick for you, pocket square. Perhaps it sounds unfamiliar to you right now because a lot of men nowadays ignore this detail. I guess it's because of our age. When you look your grandparents or somebody walking on the road not in our age range generally we observe that they pay so much attention to their clothes. Especially if look their clothes carefully, you can see that they are using pocket squares. This means they know how to influence world. And know that’s your turn.

Pocket square is a classic piece and always looks attractive. Since your choice of color, shape and fabric cannot be the same with anyone, it will make the piece you wear special. When we look at the award ceremonies, we see that many world famous celebrities never miss this detail. So why are you missing it? Or let’s look at business people. They, as same as celebrities, never miss pocket square detail. Perhaps this is the reason why they're so confident and elegant? Actually it’s obvious. That's why you should keep pocket squares in your closet that you believe reflect you.

Here is a final trick from me, when you wear a well-chosen pocket square, you will show the importance you attach to details as well as reflecting yourself well. At this point, ekSel pocket squares are always with you. 

I know you've been working for tomorrow for a long time and now you're ready for it. Now is the time to order a pocket squares for you, and when it's your turn tomorrow, work wonders with your preparations in front of your own camera and on everyone's screen. 

I am confident that ekSel pocket squares worn in your jacket and cardigans will make you more elegant in our new online world.

Good luck in all academic and business life already!