It Is Time For New York!

SeptemberThis time of year is really important for fashion industry and fashion lovers. Fashion Weeks from all around the World are starting! But for us, it is time for New York! The most amazing fashion week, New York Fashion Week is also starting. Lets talk about the New York Fashion Week style of men and the new gossips.  

Pieces with protest messages were the most sensational part of the last years fashion week. This year it will be more tough. Messages about racism will turn runway a war zone. Also it is expected that famous bloggers support this movement. So guys with protest message tees can be seen in a few days. 

If you want wear something like this and show your support to an idea, you can combine these tees with blazers and pocket squares. Also you can combine them with cardigans and cool pocket squares. Tartan pocket squares with vivid colors are the best option for this kind of tees. Tartan looks elegant but at the same time casual. So it supports the style and spirit of the fashion week. Besides vivid colors make the pocket square remarkable. In other words the tee and the pocket square are the stars. If you have more than one star, the other things must drop behind. For this reason your blazer must be stylish but not attention getting. Earth color tones are the best option for this definition. One thing is still important, fold of the pocket square. You have to prefer a striking fold for your star. Therefore single point fold is a terrific option. It shows your self confidence and tough part. 

Floral patterns and vivid colors were the it girls of last year. This year again they are with us.  Word round the campfire, lots of designers estranged from pastel colors and prefer the vivid ones. It may be because of the Worlds situation. Vivid colors can cheer up us. Also it is said that rope belts are back. This reminds me an old look from a runway. Men be careful! This trend has just come back. Pink, purple or yellowEvery loud can be used for this years suits. In addition for this trend tone on tone rope belts are used with the suit. Of course pocket squares are used with this kind of brave looks. You can choose a pocket square from the fabric of your shirt. So the patterns fit with each other. On the other hand you can choose a pocket square from your belts color. But first option is better. Either way rope belt and pocket squares will be great accessories and they will complete each others style. 

Finally floral patterns, but not for the pocket squaresThis trend is for jackets. Even it is for elegant and classy jackets. Maybe designers aim to calm us down from the anger and cheer up for the upcoming events with this patterns. Think about it, men with cheerful jacketsThis though warms up your heart doesn't it? Of course pocket squares are chosen for the accessory of this kind of jackets. After that much pattern, pocket squares must be plain. White pocket square is the best option for every floral color but you can also match its colour with the color of your shirt. Just do not use any more patterns, be careful about it. Patterns of that kind of jacket is more than enough in any case. Puff fold can be used for this cool look. Besides puff fold will show your pocket squares from all this patterns. Please use a pocket square holder for a puff fold. It is too risky. You do not want use a misshaped pocket square with that jacket.