Keeping Up With The Singers

Last time, style of the Hollywood stars were examined. This time lets talk about singersstyle! A little high quality magazine does not hurt anybody. So lets make some critique! 


50 Cent loves suits with different patterns, his choices are very brave. He shows his creative side matching different patterns. Unlike Jay-Z and Kanye, 50 does not prefer colorful suits. Mostly his colors are black and white tones. He really loves pocket squares. He often prefers white shirts and plain pocket squares. Here, he only combines black and white tones which conform with his skin colour. He completes his look with the presidential fold. Dignity of the black and white melds with the presidential fold. This look is the key for a noble look gentleman. Try it! 


He rarely prefers shirts except plain white ones. Clearly it is not a good idea for men with muscles and wide shoulders. On the other hand, here it matches perfectly with his red shinny pocket square. If you want to wear something with gingham, do not ever hesitate to combine it red accessories. Because red is the color of passion and special occasions. So it balances casual look of the gingham. Using a silk pocket square is another important thing for red. High-quality fabrics like silk represents the definition of the red best. Furthermore grey suit is the only complement for this shirt and red pocket square. It provides great harmony between gingham and red. Another important thing, please use a pocket square holder to hold your pocket square tight for this kind of folds. Otherwise shape of it ruins with your motions. 

Bruno adores accessories as much as me. He never hesitates to use too much accessories. He can combine a belt, swatch, wristband, pocket square, too much necklaces and rings just for a day. So he encourages us to use different accessories together too. I like this idea. Because most people think that pocket squares must be the only accessory, using another accessory with a pocket square kills that look. But Bruno shows that this thought is wrong. You can combine a pocket square with jewellery. Gold, silver or diamond you can use all of them. All of them fit with a pocket square. Dont worry you will not lose that elegant look If you match them. On the contrary, the elegant look would be strengthened when you smartly use them together. On the other hand If you want, you can soften your too serious look with combining jewellery and pocket squares like Bruno. He looks fabulous but not casual. It is something between classy and casual. It is a great sight for the men who do not love to be both. 


Justin Timberlake is an idol. A blog post can be written only for him. Everything looks great on him especially double-breasted jackets. This kind of jackets are suitable for the men like his body. If you prefer double-breasted jackets, take Justin as an example. You can only see a nice pocket square; no tie, no bow-tie. This is it! Get rid of excesses! You only need a pocket square. Here, he used a polka-dotted pocket square which heats up his plain black and white combine. Again it is a good example. Use patterned pocket squares for this kind of plain looks to be the star of night!