I like power. Actually I love it. I love feeling powerful. I love powerful people and people who look like as if they are powerful enough to rule the World. How can they look like that? With their attitudes, gestures or clothes… Sometimes an eyeshot is enough to be powerful. If you are not a good actor or actress, you cannot behave like a powerful person. You were born this way, it is in your genes. What if you were not born this way? No chance? Calm down guys! I think there is a way! Think about power dressing!

Consider people who rule the world. When I say the world, I mean countries, business, politics everything you can imagine with the word “power”. Do you think they were born like this? Easy! They have smart advisors and clothes with style to look charismatic! An hour ago, I switched on the television. There was a discussion program. A shinny yellow handkerchief was the first thing attracted my attention. It was standing there motionless like a statue. Yes, guys like a statue, believe me! I am sure there was a pocket square holder to hold that handkerchief in place. Otherwise it slips into your breast pocket inch by inch during the day. Pocket Squares are a lifesaver that helps the motionless look. Just one sight, yes, I am serious just one sight, one handkerchief on top pocket was sufficient for me to take notice of him. But the stand of this accessory is incredible, it reflects power and elegance.


You can achieve power dressing by using colors and contrast in the right way. Color have a language, each color conveys a different message. Here is my list that I extracted from a number of studies:

Red is for energy, passion and danger

Orange is for creativity, youth and enthusiasm

Yellow is for happiness, hope and spontaneity

Green is for nature, growth and harmony—but also wealth and stability

Blue is for calm, trust and intelligence

Purple is for luxury, mystery and spirituality

Pink is for playfulness and romance

Brown is for wholesomeness, warmth and honesty

Black is for power, elegance and sophistication

White is for purity, innocence and minimalism

Gray is for professionalism, formality and conventionality

Multicolor is for fun, diversity and optimism

Imagine wearing a navy jacket and yellow satin square in his top pocket! Yellow will reflect your happiness and spontaneity. Now imagine wearing a light grey jacket and black pocket square in top pocket in a meeting. This small accessory will reflect power in the meeting.  Use my color list above for wearing pocket squares. Soon you will establish your own style. In my next blog, I will talk about using color contrast for style and power!