Pocket Square 101: Choosing The Right Pocket Square

Blazers, shirts, trousers, ties… Same old stuff over and over again! Men’s fashion might seem boring and look like an area that does not have much space to be creative. On the contrary, the simplicity of men’s fashion allows you to stand out without big effort. If you are on a budget or do not want to spend enormous amounts of money on your look, pay attention to small things! What about adding a touch of color or making things more fun with a pocket square? It fills all the boxes: Affordable, Simple, Chic! 


First, let’s make something clear about pocket squares. There is this urban myth about pocket squares that can be only used on formal occasions, such as weddings or business meetings. On the contrary, pocket squares can be appropriate for many occasions depending on your style and how you combine it with other elements in your look. 

So, the key to a classy as well as a stylish look is to choose the right pocket square. To be successful at it, two elements should be considered; the outfit and the occasion. The pocket square you go with should be in harmony with the rest of your look and it should be the right style for the right occasion. Let’s go in a little deeper: 

Right Pocket Square for the Right Outfit  

- When using a pocket square, most common mistake is to match the tie and the pocket square. Even though this might seem like a simple and safer option, matching your tie and your pocket square will cause an outdated, boring look. The goal should be letting the pocket square complementing the look, not matching with it! For example, if you go with a patterned pocket square, think about choosing one of the colors in the square and strengthening that color with a tie can be an option. Or going with a completely different color to create a contrast. Keep your pocket square game on point!   

- Do not use too many prints at the same time. Your outfit should have one star element. The rest of your outfit should complement that one piece and be in harmony with it. So, if your outfit is already loud and flashy; go with a simple pocket square with solid colors. Or if you want to use a patterned pocket square, be sure that some elements in your outfit are in flat colors, which will highlight the pocket square itself. 


- If you don’t want to use a patterned pocket square, you can still play around with the fabric and the texture. Even though fabric picking is most of the time neglected, this is a creative way to take your outfit to the next level without being confused with different patterns. Silk, cotton, linen, wool and polyester are the most common pocket square fabrics on the market. Silk and cotton are the safest choice and guarantee that it will look good. Linen can be a good option for troublesome folds but shows wrinkles easily. Wool is more appropriate for the winter and allows you to stand out with the distinct texture of it, but the thick fabric can complicate the folding. Polyester on the other hand, carries a risk of looking cheap so watch your step if you want to go with a polyester pocket square. 

- Right color, right texture, right pattern, … In the end, we hope that you chose the right pocket square for the right outfit. You still have more room to make it more personal; by folding. Unfortunately, pocket square is not an accessory that you can just stuff in your pocket, it requires some degree of attention. We will go in deeper of different folding styles in another blog post, for now just keep in mind that opportunities to personalize your style are endless! 


Right Pocket Square for the Right Occasion 

As we point out in the beginning, pocket squares are appropriate for multiple occasions, whether it is formal or casual. To make the distinction more visible, if you will attend an occasion which requires a blazer, a sports jacket or a suit; you can throw on a pocket square too. The only key is to choose the right pocket square for the right occasion. If you pay attention to the following scenarios, there is no doubt that you can be the star of every occasion. 

- Wedding: At this type of formal occasion, stay away from bold colors and crazy prints. The season and the time of the day also are important when you are choosing your outfit. If it is a winter wedding or occurs after the sky is dark, it is better to go for darker colors. But if it is a day wedding or a summer wedding next to a beach, going lighter and using neutral colors would be more appropriate. To be on point and not look funny, pay attention to the wedding invitation and especially to the dress code. You wouldn’t want to wear black to a wedding with a white dress code. 


- Business Meetings: Since this is also a formal occasion, not departing from dark or pastel colors for the pocket square is a safe option. For business occasions, we recommend you keep things simple. If you want to look slightly different and to make a statement, using textured pocket square with a wool fabric is also a great option. 


- Dinners/Parties: These types of casual occasions give you more room to be creative and play around. Since you won’t be using a tie most probably, matching the pocket square with the outfit will be easier. By adding polka dot pocket square or a colorful paisley design, you will stand out and even become the trend-setter in the room. 


Too many occasions, too many options... If you want pocket squares with different styles and colors to be within arm's reach, ekSel Pocket Square Set is made for you! ekSel Pocket Square Set will give you the flexibility to be formal or look more fun. Among 15 different styles, by adding a polka dot pocket square you can look appropriate for your co-worker’s wedding and fashion-forward at the same time. Or why not switching it to a colorful paisley design for your best friend’s wedding to become the star as well as looking classy. 

Now you are ready to rock a pocket square! View this blog post as a guide to ease your journey with pocket squares, not as a book of rules. In this game, rules are not strict. Be creative. Don’t be scared to experiment. Put your own rules. If you feel comfortable with it and if you are confident while carrying it, this is all that matters. Don’t forget, there is nothing classier than a confident man!