Pocket Square for Everyone!


We have mentioned that pocket squares are popular for men suits. Therefore, we might correlate pocket squares with men suits. However, suits are for everyone! Not for men only. Suits are quite in demand among women especially for business meetings and formal parties. Not only suits but also blazer jackets with one chest pocket are very popular. Of course, pocket squares are common for women suits and jackets. It may be the way of expression of elegance as well as style. Choice of women in pocket squares might be a little different from men. But this does not mean women prefer specific colors and patterns. It is obvious that, colors and patterns cannot be classified according to gender. To come to a conclusion, everyone can wear a suit and combine it with a nice, pretty, elegant or stylish pocket square.


Let’s say you are not in the mood for a suit, or you want to be more casual. Maybe you are attending a casual meeting or even a home party and you want to use stylish accessories to combine your outfit. That’s where my new suggestions might work. If you have nice pocket squares, there is no need for a suit to use them as a fashionable element. First, as name refers you can use your pocket squares for the back pocket of your jean or short! When considering the fact that style is something unique to you, that would be your signature. It is also a renovative way to add style to your back view. Secondly, you can always bind your pocket square to your belt, purse or backpack. 10 inches [25 cm] square ekSel pocket squares are perfect for this sort of usage. For the fold, all you need to do is make a triangle first and attach wherever you want. Two long sides are ready for being tied up. I particularly suggest you try a ribbon-like form. Third, it is usually an amazing idea to use a kerchief. However, if you have a pocket square you can always use it as a scarf or kerchief easily! It would be gorgeous to use with wide collars and strappy blouses. Last but not least, it is always an amazing idea to add an accessory to your hair. If you have a pocket square, here is the opportunity to use it in an alternative way. You can use it as a clasp or bandana which will make you look cuter for sure! All these ways of use are saying that, pocket squares are not only for men and suits. All you need is to thing outside of the box!




Some might find it cheesy, but if you enjoy appearing one of a kind, it is a nice idea to wear matched outfits with your partner. If you would like to try it but don’t want to be like twins, using matched accessories are the way! Pocket squares are perfect materials for such a trial because they come in a lot of color and pattern. To give an example, you can choose your pocket square color same as your partner’s tie or bowtie. It is generally a trick that couples use for their wedding suits! However, it also goes for formal parties. Another creative way is to add colors of your partner’s pocket square to your wedding flower. Let’s think more creative. Choosing a match pocket square pattern similar as your partner’s socks would be super fun and unique! Thanks to such plays, you can add a little casualness to the environment.

I have tried to break the rules and mites about pocket squares in this blog. I believe, pocket squares have no gender and they are perfect elements for being stylish. See you in my next blog.