Pocket Square Review with Instagram Influencers

I'd like to say that social media is getting more important for us, because of the pandemic. It began to take up even more of our time in our lives, with the pandemic. The importance of social media has increased, when we have moved our conversations with our friends, our work life, our school life online. Instagram, the most important medium of social media, became more prominent during this period. The number of influencers has increased and we followed them more closely every day. Influencers are who the guide fashion or follow fashion best and showed it to us always. So, how did the pocket square choices on Instagram photos of influencers? Let's take a look. 
1) Twan Kuyper 


Let's get to know a little about Twan first to understand his style. He was born in the Netherlands in 1996. He was a model before her social media job. He became a name I knew on social media thanks to Lele Pons. He now has 7MN followers. I'd say he's a good guy in style. He has a great combination in this photo of him saying goodbye to 2019 on New Year's eve. Great to be in casual gears and look chic. I must say that a sweater, jacket, and pocket square an excellent choice for a good-looking men in the winter times. If youwant to go to a lunch invitation in the middle of the day or spend a comfortable day at work, this combination is for you. You can choose pocket square more vividly according to the colors in this combo. Or you can connecta solid colored pocket square more movingly. Do one of these options and will add movement to your appearance. 

2) Juanpa Zurita 


Juanpa, who came into our lives with Vine in 2013, even became the lead actor in a series on Netflix. Juanpa, who now has 24.9 MN followers on Instagram, shares this photo of himself showing off his classic suit style. A pocket square with a white and simple fold is a great choice because heis wearing a suit and a vest. These two clothes combination makes the look sophisticated. So if you are wearing both of them you must make a more unsophisticated choice for your pocket square. If you have a moving suit and your pocket square looks more simple will balance your look and that's perfect.


3) Alex Stokes 


Alex is a well-known Instagram phenomenon along with his twin. He now has 4.2 MN followers. In this photo, this is a photo taken for the prom. That's a superb example of your prom. The answer the questions about how to match tie and pocket square and can you wear boutonnierewith hidden pocket squareas in this photo. Because bow ties have a structurally mobile appearance and the colors are also striking, the use of a simple pocket square completed the suit beautifully. As you can see, the most important thing in appearance is balance. As long as you keep the balance,you can wear whatever you want.


4) Brent Rivera 


With 20.3 MN followers, Brent is someone who has been on social media for a very long time. And I remember this photo from his prom. If there's a detail on your jacket, for example, the black stripe here. If you make your pocket square the same color as the detail found on your jacket, you will have a more accurate look. Also, a black pocket square in navy blue suits looks very cool. The black details on the bow tie provides integrity in the look. The most important information we will learn from this photo may be that your pocket square color emphasizes detail in general.


5) Nick Bateman 


Nick, who model professionally and lived in Milan for a time, as well as in New York and Miami, now has 6.1 MN followers. According to the photo, Nick and his friend have shown in a good way that, even withouta tie, they can be very stylish. If you don't want to wear a tie or bow tie at special invitations, butstill wantto look classy, you can these two combinations that are suitable on these occasions. It is the fabrics that matter here.
With a stylish fabric shirt, you can get the look you want with your pocket square suitable for our suit.

Stay safe, stay healthy!