Pocket Squares in Spy Movies

Movies can give you a vast source of inspiration and tips in terms of style and fashion and spy movies are great examples for a perfect gentlemen look. Think about all those cool special agents like in the most famous franchise James Bond or a new and exciting franchise The Kingsman series. Both of these franchises' leading actors are famous for their elegant stylesEach movie in the James Bond franchise has a good representation of an agent with a neat style and we will be looking into how they make that look neater with a pocket squareDid you know there are 26 James Bond movies with 12 different leading actors in 57 yearsAnother trivia is from James Bond Skyfall: for the opening chase sequence of this movie 85 different versions of the suit was tailor-made. The Kingsman series is relatively new comer to franchise than James Bond. But  style is highly important for the Kingsman series, too. There is this quote from the movie that you can understand how important the style is for the movie's universe when Harry Hart tells Eggsy "A suit is the modern gentlemen's armor and the Kingsman agents are the new knights." Another indication that the franchise takes actors' style seriously is that the film crew created a full Kingsman Secret Service menswear line with tailoring and manufacturing by some of Britain's most elite and famous clothing brands. Let's check out these famous franchises' approach to using pocket squares as a piece of their glamorous looks          

Let's start with the legendary James Bond franchise. The franchise has many iconic lead actors like Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig is the newest James Bond of the franchise that joined in 2006 with the movie Casino Royale. Anyone who watched any bond movie knows that there is always a super posh party where James Bond is there with his elegant tuxedo to save the day Dare I add, what is a tuxedo without an elegant plain white pocket square? A classic white pocket square with a presidential fold sure takes Bond's look to a higher level in these parties. If you have watched the movie Skyfall, you will see that even in the most challenging action scenes he got his suit on. And yes, you got it right - he always wears a pocket square.


Let's talk about a newer universe, the Kingsman franchise. The franchise now has two released movies and one movie that is on the way. Unlike the traditional elements in the James Bond universe, the Kingsman has more modern and trendy elements in it. Nevertheless, both movies are the perfect gem for the action and spy movie lovers. In terms of style, the Kingsman series are as much traditionalist and elegant as the Bond movies. In the first movie, you will see that once the characters become a Kingsman agent their style and understanding of fashion changes drastically. They are highly careful about their look like in the James Bond example most of the time characters are fighting with the bad guys in their dapper suits. There is this fighting scene in the first movie where you will see Harry Hart beating the hell out of some rascal guys in his perfect tailor-made suit without any difficulty, and yes, he is using a pocket square too.  Another good thing about this movie is that they have a representation of a female agent who is as stylish as the men in her suit and pocket square. Let me tell you this, anyone who wears a suit can add a pocket square to their attire and take that attire to a higher level.



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