Rules and Etiquette of Pocket Squares

When it comes to fashion, pocket square is the secret weapon of men. It is a tiny detail and takes no longer than a few minutes to wear, but it immediately boosts your outfit. It is more than enough to make you look like an elegant gentleman. All you should do is to learn how to wear it beforehand. There aren’t really harsh lines about pocket square, but in order to find the perfect pocket square you need to know a few things. Let’s explore the rules of pocket square and pocket square etiquette together.

When you should wear a pocket square

Although there is a general opinion that pocket squares should be worn only on formal occasions, you can actually wear them in almost any occasion as long as you chose the right pocket square for the occasion. Pocket square has a range from job interviews to dinner parties, weddings to lunches or friend gatherings.The key here is to know which pattern or color and fold to choose on which occasion. So, as long as you choose a suitable combination you can wear a pocket square to anywhere!

Consider your tie before wearing a pocket square

Don’t try to match the color or the pattern of your pocket square with your tie. Instead, try to create a complementary duo either choosing compatible colors or contrasting colors. One other thing is, even if you choose the same color for your tie and pocket square, you can play with the shades. One of them could be a shade darker or lighter, so they will not look ordinary together. Moreover, if one of your pocket square or tie has a pattern, it would be better if the other one has just a solid color. That way, you can harmonize them and bring balance to your style.

match tie and pocket square            

The size of the pocket square

Your pocket square should be big enough to prevent slipping down inside your pocket and small enough to fit into the same pocket. Pocket squares usually vary from 9 inches to 22 inches. So, between 10-17 inches will be just fine for you.           

The material of the pocket square

The ideal material for a pocket square is cotton, or a combination with cotton and  another high quality material like silk. Because cotton is a material you can iron, and ironing is very important for pocket squares. You guarantee that you’ll have a pocket square without a wrinkle and with a crisp crease. The benefit of silk, on the other hand, is looking very luxurious. That’s why a blend of cotton and silk is the best option for a pocket square: it is both easy to use and looking rich and stylish. There are also linen and wool pocket squares although not as common. What you want to do is creating a contrast between the materials of your pocket square and jacket or shirt. Let’s say, if you are wearing a linen jacket you may want to combine it with a silk blend pocket square, because the shiny silk will pop out on the matte linen jacket.

 pocket square size

Without a pocket square, men’s outfits always lack the detail and elegance that they deserve. But you don’t need to miss out this stylish opportunity at all. Just follow my suggestions, find the best pocket squares for you, and start wearing them according to your event plans. Once you’ll get used to it, it won’t even take more than a minute to choose a pocket square and put it in your pocket after folding it.

So long till my next blog MAYA