Selecting The Best Pocket Square For A Good First Impression At A Job Interview

Usually in a job interview, what people focus on is the possible tough questions that they might have to answer. However, everyone knows that before getting into the questions part, all eyes will be on you thinking if you can fit the position and the company. That is why making an imposing first impression is really important in a job interview. The first impression in psychology is defined as creating a mental image of a person after the first encounter with them. Although, the first impression is based on the factors like age, appearance, voice, etc. here we will be focusing on the appearance part of it. Of course how you dress or what you wear can't be an indicator of your true worth but it can certainly show how much you care and want that job as well as how you will be first perceived by your potential employers. Wearing a stylish suit can serve to its purpose of showing you as a true professional. Admittedly, there is not much accessory in men's fashion to accentuate that professional look other than the almost every day items like a watch or tie. Don't worry though, your pocket square fairy is here to give you tips on how to stand out in the interview of your dream job with your exquisite style. Pocket squares are the perfect complementary accessories in men's fashion with their power to make you look intelligent, elegant, and professional. So, with this blog we will get into details of what kind of pocket square you should use at a job interview, discussing the details of the best designs, folding styles, and color options.   


Tomorrow is the big day, you are going to be at the interview of your dream job. You have been working on those possible interview questions over and over again, you know them by heart now. There is this question turning in your head, what am I going to wear? You want to look every bit of professional and serious as you sound. So, you decide to hit the internet with the question, what should I wear to a job interview? See, your favorite blogger Minerva has already answered this question for you. Dear reader, I would totally recommend you to use a dark colored suit in a job interview that you want to be perceived as serious. Depending on your wardrobe, classic colors like black, gray, navy blue, and brown can be good color choices. If it is a hot summer day suits with beiges and light blue shades would look excellent, too. Speaking of hot summer days, one other good thing about wearing a pocket square is maintaining that elegant look without wearing a tie which, let's admit, can be a bit suffocating on a hot day. On that note, let's talk more about the pocket square you can use in a job interview. The safest choice with your dark-colored suits is to use a plain white pocket square with a flat (presidential) fold or point fold. Although white pocket square is usually the safest choice, you don't have to play it safe. Don't be afraid to experiment a little with the colors like using a soft yellow pocket square with your navy blue suit or using a printed square with polka dots or paisley. I would like to mention another important point tough, never select a pocket square with the same color and design as your tie. You should put the emphasis on using a pocket square that complements your whole attire. You will see that when correctly used, a pocket square can elevate your look and help you to get those major points for a good first impression. One more thing I want to add, dear readers, is that I have no doubt you will get the job with your stellar look and wisely answered questions.  


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