Selling Hollywood

This title may bring a Netflix series or a city to your mind. Exactly, I mean both of them! I mean Los Angeles style. A city full of stars and it is famous for its luxurious life style. When I say LA style may be most of you think about beautiful blondies in the city, but I am talking about the cool guys. From the show we have learnt that single men prefer to buy incredible houses with huge  dressing rooms in Los Angeles. These dressing rooms must be full! Lets clutter up these rooms and take a glance at LA style. 


Men in LA prefer expensive, designer clothes with different fabrics and lots of colors. Here is a man with dark blue velvet jacket, purple shirt and white pocket square. This amazing scene breaks taboos about velvet jackets and pocket squares. Up to a popular wisdom you can not use  them together but you can! For this situation, fabric of the pocket square is really important. Velvet is a glossy fabric so you have to prefer that kind of fabric for the pocket square too. A silk or satin pocket square would be the best choice on a velvet jacket. Also If you wear that kind of jacket you have to use a pocket square holder to put your pocket square tight. 


Bandhgala blazers are the new trend alert in LA. Mostly black, dark blue and white bandhgalas are preferred and they always complete with a pocket square. Red is the most preferred color for the pocket squares used with bandhgalas. Red reflects the Indian spirit most. So it is the best option.  

But other shiny colors like yellow, pink, purple also reflects that spirit. So you can use these colored pocket square with a bandhgala blazer too. In addition, puff fold looks miracle on a bandhgala, presidential fold can be used too. But single point fold is not for this kind of jacket. Please do not miss the LA charisma with a point fold on a bandhgala. Do not ever try it!  

I have hardly seen a man without abs and broad shoulders in LA. So double breasted jackets are just cut out for the LA guy. Double breasted jackets with blue or white tones are better for LA. But blue is an easier color than white. Also blue is the best option for tone-on-tone style. You can wear a dark blue double breasted jacket with light blue pocket square or vice versa. You can also combine it with a tie. But here is the important part, do not use same colored pocket square and tie. Because Lin somewhere tone-on-tone thing must be broken and tie is the best option for that.  


New normal is the wearing nice t-shirts in a blazer and as a last touch combine it with a pocket square. Mostly white tee, black blazer and a plain pocket square are used for this trend all around the World. However in LA, rules are different, patterns are in the game. You can match pattern of the tee and the pocket square in LA. Stripes, polka dots, flower patterns, geometrical patterns all of them would be good in LA. You can combine a combed cotton striped tee with a light colored cotton jacket and cotton striped pocket square in LA. In addition, you can use rings or necklaces. They wont be too much with a patterned pocket square. So do not hesitate to combine jewellery with pocket squares. Another piece of advice is to use a pocket square holder with this kind of outfits. Because it is a brave one, a brave strong LA style outfit and everything must be great on it. So a misshaped pocket square would be the most undesirable thing. Be aware of it!