Pocket Square Elegance Without a Tie!

I always think that the suit created a great looking for men. Most women agree with me! But don't always think of classic suits when somebody calls suits. Suits have so many varieties that you can change and combine them as you like. This allows you to have different styles. Now I'm going to tell you about one of these styles. As a combination idea that you can wear for special invitations, daily elegance, at a meeting or on your way to date; pocket square elegance without a tie! It will be a blog that men who don't like to wear ties will be happy with. Don't worry about being stylish without ties. Thanks to pocket squares, you can be so stylish. At the same time, you can also have a sport look if you want. I put this blog under four main headings to get started. According to these titles, we will examine pocket squares in combinations. I'm going to talk about those paired with shirts, paired with sweaters, paired with scarves, and finally, combinations paired with T-shirts.

Shirt-Pocket Square-Jacket Combination 

Obviously, this is my favorite look among all the suits. You'll be very stylish without looking like effortlessly. This gives you a very cool look. The star of these combinations is pocket square. You should choose pocket squares consisting of especially beautiful patterns. When you choosing your pattern, you should choose simple or complex shapes according to the appearance of the patterns and the intensity of the colors. Moreover, just be careful not to choose your Pocket square color the same as your shirt. Here are three successful examples:

Sweater-Pocket Square-Jacket Combo

This combination, ideal for especially for cold last autumn days! A great combination for those who want to be sports and stylish at the same time. Also, this combination has one more plus; here the control is completely in your hands. For example, you can wear jeans to have a more sporty look. Or, if you want to get serious looks you can use the jacket of your suit in your combination. By choosing this combination in your daily life, you can draw all eyes on you. You're completely free to choose pocket square here. But I don't recommend choosing a very contrasting color for your combination. Any pocket square in the same shades will do. Be comfortable and messy shapes in your binding style. Here are a few examples for your inspiration:

Weft-Pocket Square-Jacket Combo 
Another important men's accessory is the weft. I have to say, it perfectly fits into the winter suits styles. The best match that can be done using a weft is the pocket square and jacket combination. This combination is a great option to have a sophisticated and stylish look despite the cold. So, how to choose your pocket square? At this point, my only suggestion is that your weft and pocket square do not have the same color or pattern. They can be in the same tones. A great combination of autumn and winter colors, you get a successful look thanks to a pocket square that has a beautiful color and is beautifully connected. Here are some inspirational examples:

T-Shirt-Pocket Square-Jacket Combo
This is again a stylish combination, but for those who want to be more comfortable than others. It's a combination that fits each atmosphere you can easily wear in everyday life. In hot weather, it can be combined with a thinner T-shirt. While in cold weather it can be combined with flat collar sweaters. When making this combo, be careful to choose your pocket square from simpler colors and patterned fabrics. When you folding your pocket square keep it simple. Choose different colors for the jacket, T-shirt, and pocket square. Using different colors in harmony is a challenge. But you can handle it! Just make sure that you have a compatible appearance. I finish my blog by leaving a few inspirational photos. See you again on the other blogs.