That time of the year is almost here. You have probably already put your tree in the best spot at your house and finished all the decorations. I also know that some of you still didn't buy presents. You can at least admit it to your pocket square fairy. Believe me, I won't judge cause I still didn't start shopping either. Also, I am sure some of you still contemplating what to buy. For those who still don't know what kind of a Christmas present they want to buy, that's where I show up. I will give you great ideas about what kind of pocket square you can buy as a Christmas gift to the gentlemen in your life.

Also, I know some of you are preparing for a family gathering. Some of you will be spending Christmas away with your family or maybe it's the first time that your partner is taking you to meet their family. Well, all of the above can sound exciting and stressful at the same time for those who are indecisive about what to wear. That's again where I show up and give you some useful tips on that matter.


Let's start with the gift tips. I think you might take two different directions when it comes to Christmas gifts, especially if it is a piece of clothing. You might pick something that you might buy anytime or you can go with a Christmas themed present. When it is a pocket square that you are buying, it doesn't really matter which approach you will be taking. Either way, it will be cool (though you might think I am a bit biased about it). So, what am I talking about when I say a Christmas themed pocket square. The most obvious choice would be choosing specific colors and designs that would remind you of the Christmas spirit. You can buy either plain squares with colors like shades of red or green. Also, printed designs like checkered and stripes or only checkered or maybe some cute designs with little snowflakes. For those who are not sure about those themed designs, I would recommend plain colored squares. It is the safest option when it comes to pocket squares since it is never out of fashion. Whatever kind of pocket square you buy, you can be sure that it will make the person happy and will definitely make them look cool and sophisticated.

Lastly, let's decide together what to wear for the Christmas dinner. Christmas dinners are always special it is one of those rare events that bring the family together, exchange gifts but most importantly share the love. Everyone wants to look good on a special day like that. So I can safely say that adding a pocket square to your attire will make you look charming and stylish. There are some small tips that you apply whenever you use a pocket square. Remember not to match your tie and square exactly they have to complement each other not imitate. You can use a plain white pocket square with almost everything it looks especially good with dark-colored jackets. If you say that this is Christmas day and I want to experiment a little, I can recommend you to use some printed designs with colors of green and red. While using a pocket square like that it might be wise to choose a simpler shirt and jacket. So that all the attention will be on your pocket square. Finally, let's talk about what kind of folding style would match that style. For those who chose a plain colored pocket square, I would recommend classic folding styles like presidential or one point fold. For those who chose a printed pocket square, I would recommend more adventurous folding styles like a puff fold or maybe a two-point fold. Happy Christmas dear readers!!