The New Casual Calls for the Pocket Square

pocket square casual wear

Pocket squares are generally perceived as an accessory for formal occasions like a black-tie wedding, a charity gala, or a networking event. Contrary to this misbelief, there is not really a right time to wear a pocket square. If you are someone who cares about their style and who likes to experiment with their outfits, pocket squares can be a candidate as an irreplaceable part of your style in every event from formal to casual. In fact, once you start to wear pocket squares regularly, jackets without a pocket square will probably look odd to you. I believe, this is especially good news to the men who do not like to wear a tie. So, prick up your ears -or keep your eyes peeled in this case- folks, because this blog will show you how to blend that casual and stylish look while wearing a pocket square.

Alright this is casual we are talking about, so bring in your best jean blazer and chino blazer combine and make them shine bright like a diamond with a pocket square. You know I can hear you right? Yes, you can wear sneakers too. Let's say you are going out on a date somewhere near the sea, it is not in an uptight place but you still want to impress your date with your style and you don't want to look so formal at the same time. Wear a pair of jeans, grab a comfortable blazer. If the weather is nice, maybe make it a light colored one. Now it is time for adding some spice to it, choosing your pocket square. Depends on your outfit, but still, you have a variety of options in the pocket square design department. You can go with a plain color and keep it simple. You can pick a printed design that accentuates the color of your jacket and shirt. Maybe you can choose a paisley design that again brings out the color of your suit. What about the folding style? Well, since we are trying not to pass the casual line, it is better to stay away from the more formal folding styles like flat fold or one or two point folds. For a casual look, you can adapt the folding styles like a puff or double puff fold or maybe a more flamboyant folding style like scallop fold or wave fold.

Change the scenery a little, shall we? You are at a dinner party, it is winter and you want to impress people with your effortlessly classy style. Baby when it is cold outside, turtlenecks come to my mind. I think a classic turtleneck blazer combination should be in every men's fashion arsenal. Generally, it is best to go with the darker colors in winter. For the turtleneck, I would suggest going with the classic colors like black, navy blue, or darker tones of brown. For your jacket, you might go with a plain colored one or maybe if your exploratory mood is on, you might want to go with a check jacket. Either way, with the touch of pocket square your attire will turn all the eyes at that party. Let's choose that eye turner pocket square for you. If your exploratory side won and you are wearing a check blazer, it might be good to go with a plain colored pocket square to tone things down a bit. Maybe, your classic side won and you choose a plain colored jacket then it would be good to use a printed pocket square that accentuates the colors of your outfit. For the folding style, I would again suggest the puff folds or other folding styles like wave and fan fold. This time, you might also consider a flat fold, if you are wearing a patterned jacket.