The Perfect Pocket Square for Business Meetings

Meetings are an irreplaceable part of the business world. Some might be boring and pointless or some might be able to provide that necessary information exchange to get the job done. Either way, there is something certain about professional meetings, you have to look formal. In men's fashion formal usually means wearing a suit. Let's be honest, everyone can wear a suit but what will make the difference? Whenever you start to think about this question your pocket square fairy Minerva will be appearing on your side. The answer is easy dear readers, a pocket square can create that difference and make that boring suit look like something shiny and elegant. Men's fashion is not so flexible when it comes accessories, especially in formal attire it is hard to look different. A well-chosen pocket square can change your attire and make you look like a true professional. Probably now you are thinking about what kind of pocket square would look good in that professional environment? What are the right design and folding type you should be using? Or which color is more appropriate for your pocket square at a business meeting? Don't worry, all these questions will be answered in this blog with the exemplary pictures.

To make things easier let's divide the meetings into three by their formality, and name them from the most serious one to least serious one as super formal, formal, and semi-formal. If you are going to attend a super formal meeting, it will be best to adapt to the less is more mentality. I would recommend dark-colored suits to maintain that serious attitude. The safest pocket square option in a super formal environment would be a plain colored pocket square and preferably a plain white pocket square. Furthermore, considering the folding type a classic presidential fold would be the perfect choice for this kind of meeting.


The less serious the meeting gets the more option for your pocket square selection appears. So what are your choices if the meeting you will attend is not so serious but still formal enough. This kind of meeting will bring more options with itself, you can broaden your suit choices, too. You can leave the dark-colored suits and go with softer colored ones like beige or light gray. This time you can again go with plain colored pocket squares but also modest designs like polka dots and contrast tipped models would look nice. Also by not choosing a plain colored model, you can show off your experimental and serious side at the same time. Coming to folding types, you can spice the things up a little and go with folding types like puff, or maybe single or two peaks.


Things are starting to get more relaxed and lighter let's talk about a meeting that does not really require super formal attire. This again would mean that you will have more options both suit wise and pocket square wise. Instead of wearing a suit maybe you can make a combination of jeans and a blazer jacket with a beautiful pocket square and catch that not so serious but still caring enough vibe.

Another option can be losing your tie and add only a pocket square to your combination to maintain that serious level. When it comes to the design of your pocket square you have a vast range of options. You can choose a plain colored square or printed models like polka dots, contrast tipped, and paisley. This type of meeting is the perfect time to show your elegant taste in fashion. If we think about the folding types, again your options are excessive. You can go with classic folding types like a presidential or single peak or go wild and choose folding types like puff, rose or maybe four peaks folding. The only thing you should be careful about when choosing the type of folding should be on the same page with your whole attire.


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