Ultimate Pocket Square Guide For Every Wedding Dress Code

Whether it is your special day or you are just there to witness the love, pocket squares can be your savior for that classic camera-ready look at weddings. Wedding dress codes are godsend to decide what to wear and don't get lost in clothing options. Whatever the dress code is, matching your attire with a pocket square will sure give an elegant touch to your style. There are several dress codes that you might encounter in an invitation like black tie, black tie optional, semi-formal (cocktail), beach-formal, and dressy casualLet's get into the details of these dress codes and how can you match your pocket square with them 

Black Tie 

You got an invitation to a wedding and it says the dress code is black tie. Let's see what does it mean and what kind of pocket square you can choose with this dress code. The black tie dress code indicates high formality. It is safe to interpret this code as "wear a tuxedo please!". That's why there is not much room to experiment with your pocket square when the dress code is black tie. So, it is better to go with plain designs, generally, a white silk pocket square in a flat fold, by showing only a fragment of your square from your breast pocket is the most classy option 


Black Tie Optional  

Now comes the black tie optional dress code with a tiny bit less formality. With this dress code, you can add dark suits to your repertoire in case you don't like to wear a tuxedo or if you don't have one. Since black tie optional still requires pretty formal attire, it is better to look into pocket squares with plain or very lightly patterned designs maybe plain colored silk jacquard. As in folding ways, you can use flat fold (presidential) or a moderate puff fold.  


Semi-Formal (Cocktail)  

It is time for semi-formal (cocktail) dress code, step by step we are getting into less formal clothes, but still, no jeans are allowedYou would still be wearing a suit with this dress code, although now the color of your suit doesn't have to be dark. Depending on the season, you can consider other color options. For example, in a summer wedding, you may prefer lighter colors. Here, pocket squares can literally be the savior of the men that don't like to wear a tie. So, you can save that medium-high formality of this dress code with a pocket square and still have that classy look. Plain colored, jacquard, and paisley designs will go well with this code. You can branch out with your folding style and use puff and point fold aside from the flat fold.     


Beach Formal  

Is it getting hot in here? It's finally summertime. What better place to celebrate love than a beach? Beach weddings are the perfect events for wearing light-colored summer suits and linen fabrics. Attention, please! There is still a formal in this dress code, so this means you can't drop the suit yetThe good thing about summer weddings though, it allows you more to experiment with the accessories. This brings the subject of what kind of pocket square you can wear to a beach wedding? On an occasion, this romantic, don't hesitate to use printed designs like floral and paisley. As a folding style, you can adapt any type of puff fold and point fold. 


Dressy Casual  

I know you have been waiting for this moment to come. Here it is folks, dressy casual! Comfy chinos, trousers, and all kinds of color combination possibilities are waiting for you. Unlike a tie, there is a pocket square for every occasion. Depending on the place and season you can play with different designs, colors, and folding styles. If it is a winter wedding for example a dark-colored blazer over a turtleneck and a matching pocket square can make you the most stylish man at that wedding. Like in the beach formal dress code, you can prefer printed designs. Puff folds would be the best choice here.