Valentines Day, Warning! turn on the sirens! Valentines Day is coming. Take your precautions and find a present to your valentine immediately. Also make your plans to have best Valentine with your partner. Venue is important, atmosphere is very important, also your outfit is very important. You should wear something very special in order to make your partner feel special. Use classy accessories in order to complete your look. Best choice for this accessory demand is a pocket square, best friend of jackets and suits. But finding a pocket square is not an easy job. It depends on many parameters.

First of all, What will it be? Will it be a chic dinner or a cozy night drink or something else? For a stylish Valentines Day dinner you should definitely wear a nice suit with a nice pocket square. In addition to this you should use a pocket square holder in order to prevent a misshaped pocket square. Parliament blue or light blue suits are suitable for an elegant Valentines Day dinner. It would probably be too much if you wear a tie but it would be balanced with a pocket square. This suit goes with white. So wear a white shirt and white pocket square. Also you can choose light pink instead of white it is up to you. Presidential fold would be better for that kind of night. It would be simple but elegant. This look would take your partners breath away.

On the other hand you can plan a cozy night with a drink at a nice bar or something like that. That time you do not need to wear a suit indeed do not wear a suit. Wear a nice blazer but when I say nice I mean it. Please wear something high quality. Grey works for your blazer choice. You can combine grey with a burgundy pocket square. Grey and burgundy are best buddies. Also you can choose a grey pocket square with grey blazer. The blazer must be darker grey and pocket square is lighter. This combination also works. You can choose one of these looks for a Valentine day drink without any hesitation. One more thing, please choose one point fold or presidential fold. The other folds can look too exaggerated. These folds look classy, elegant and chic. This look proves your partner that you are real gentlemen.

Secondly the venue is important for your outfit choice. Maybe you are afraid of pandemic so you plan something at home. Still you need to look smooth. This situation represents your care for your partner. Green is the most appropriate color for this kind of event. You can wear a green blazer and light colored shirt. You do not need to wear a tie. It would be too much for a romantic home dinner. But you have to use a pocket square, even a colorful, patterned, funny one. Because these patterns and colors increases yours and your partners energy. Red goes with green, also orange goes with green. So you can pick a pocket square in red or orange tones. Flowers patterns are OK with those colors. Also geometrical patterns work. All these stuff are enough in order to cheer you and your partner up at that day. Cotton is more useful for that kind of patterns. Flower patterns look great on cotton fabrics. Also your fold is important to show your cheerful patterns. One point fold can be chosen to show the details. But here one thing is important to use a pocket square holder one point fold misshapes easily. Maybe you do not care about that because you are at home but you should. Because  your care represents your respect for your partner.