Winter Season for Pocket Square

What's your favorite season? Winter has always been my favorite. I think the food, the drinks, the holidays of the winter, the image that the season adds to the city, and of course the clothes are more beautiful than other seasons. In winter, people's taste in clothes is more interesting to me because, for example in summer, everyone dresses almost alike. The variety of clothes and accessories that can be worn increases with the cooling of the weather in winter, which ensures a variety of combinations. In winter, we have to do some combination of our clothes, yes, and at this point, our fashion tastes being important than always. As the number of combinations increases, more diversity requires more subjectivity with more comments. That's why I like winter clothes. This situation makes everybody pushing to being more careful, intelligent and having fashion tastes. I said that in winter, the variety of clothes increases. So how should pocket squares keep up with this diversity? What style should we choose in winter? What color, materials, and pattern should we use in which combinations? What is winter's pocket square fashion? Let's take a look at winter wear together!


When we talk about winter colors, there are a few colors that stand out; orange, red, green, blue, purple. These colors are easy to use together colors. They're compatible with each other. The Paisley pattern contains multiple colors within it. When Paisley's colors are the winter colors, the harmony increases and the appearance becomes more beautiful. For this reason, if you ask me about my favorite pocket square pattern for winter, I will say the paisley pattern without thinking. It's the best suits the winter is a pattern.  In addition, Paisley has multiple colors in it, as I said before, making it one of the easiest patterns to match with other parts of your suit. With an easy-to-use, stylish, and stunning look, paisley is a great pattern for stylish invitations. If you will wear suits for daily use, you can use pocket squares with polka dots. In this way, you can add movement to your daily appearance. As a tip, you can match polka dot colors with your shirt or sweater color you can choose the same!

For a winter casual look, you can wrap a sweater instead of a shirt, a coat instead of a jacket, and a scarf around your neck instead of a tie. For such combinations, orange red green blue as winter colors, are quite useful. But this combine will be a sport daily combination. For more stylish combinations, I recommend that you choose your pocket square in dark shades when you choose your suits from winter colors. For stylish invitations, Velcro colors pocket squares may not be very suitable. Another inspiration example for the winter combination is that all parts of which are selected in black. You need to choose a black color as this combined pocket square. In this way, you can call all attention to due to you being head to toe in black.

We choose clothes for our invitations. When making this choice, we also need to choose the fabric type according to the atmosphere of the environment. The clothes we choose during the winter months will be a little thicker, woolly, so Pocket Square has to adapt to it. It is difficult to match a pocket square made of a cotton summer fabric with a thick jacket and shirt. It may seem a little strange if you don't have a very original style. For this reason, when choosing your pocket square fabric in the winter, choosing a fabric of the same thickness as the fabric of your suit complements the integrity of your appearance. If you prefer a wool jacket, you can also choose your pocket square from wool. But if you ask me, instead of dealing with very specific fabrics, pocket squares, a blend of silk microfiber and cotton, will fit many types of fabrics on your suit thanks to its appearance.
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