Horoscope is an important part of our lives. Most of us read the news about our zodiac signs and plan our daily life accordingly. We also check the specialities of our zodiac sign. So we know that every zodiac sign has its own color to reflect our personality. Lets look at these colors and talk how to use it with our clothes.

Dear Aries your color is red, color of passion. Red is a vivid colour attracting attention easily. Honestly a red pocket square would be enough to scream the place down. Prefer a satin one to promote your reflection with full of passion. Match it with a grey jacket to cut a feather or impress the one you like.

Red Pocket Square Passion Aries

Dear Taurus your color is light blue. Blue has a calming effect. So you can match a light blue shirt with a nice jacket and this combine is completed with a dark blue pocket square. If you use a pocket square with natural patterns you can strengthen that calming effect. Also with geometrical patterns you would show your creative side. The choice is yours either way blue is your hero.

Taurus light Blue Pocket square

Dear Gemini, yellow is your color, it represents happiness. Also yellow is a great option for the accessories. So a yellow pocket square or a yellow polka dotted pocket squares are created for you. Do not waste your time, go and take one yellow pocket square and share your happiness with the others.

Dear Cancer, your color is one of my favorite, silver color. It is the indisputable best friend of black. Go, wear a black jacket and combine it with a silver color pocket square. Cut a dash with this jazzier combine.

silver pocket square cancer

Dear Leo, both yellow and orange are your colors, but I talked about yellow so I want to mention a detail about orange. Orange is the color of creativity, I do not want waste your creative side with a plain accessory. Instead you can use a dark blue pocket square with orange stripes. Dark blue is the best base plate to show the power of orange. Also a light pink pocket square with orange asymmetric patterns shows your courage to try new things. Leo, you represent courage. Try it, you will not be regret it.

Dear Virgo, I know a lot about you because my father is a Virgo. Again light blue is your color. I also know that you are a perfectionist. Details are important for you. So use a light blue  pocket square not light blue shirt in comparison with Taurus. Instead use a white shirt in order to show your perfectionist side and please use a pocket square holder to keep your pocket square in a great shape. Because I know you cannot stand something imperfect.

Dear Libra, pastel colors especially light pink represents you. I know you are a real romantic and these are the colors of romance. Pastel colors really fit with natural patterns. You can choose this kind of pocket square and match it with a dark jacket. Then take some flowers and go to your beloved one. Wow, you are a romantic, bad guy!

Dear Scorpio, black identifies with you. You know, you are amazing! You never hesitate to show it. You are passionate and strong. You care about your appearance to show your strength. A black pocket square is the best way to hit the bull’s eye. You do not need any pattern, a pocket square with a shiny fabric would be enough for your charisma.

Here we come, Sagittarius! It is my zodiac sign and I know a lot about it. We have sense of quality. Actually I can write about Sagittarius all day but I won’t! Purple is our color and it represents the luxury just like us. Wear a shirt and jacket spruce and shipshape, put your purple pocket square into your breast pocket. Bonne appetite! You are now ready for a luxurious dinner.

Dear Capricorn, dark brown is your color. It proves your harmony with nature. A dark brown pocket square with a creamy jacket is the best choice for you. The pocket square can include some green patterns on it. It corroborates your harmony with nature.

Dear Aquarius, you are the men of green! Like Capricorn you have a great harmony with nature. A grey pocket square with green polka dots is everything you need. But be careful! Do not ever use shinny fabrics, you are the man of nature. Cotton is your fabric. Please do not forget this important detail.

Lastly dear Pisces, turquoise is your color and it is my favorite color too. A turquoise pocket square fits with all jackets. Also turquoise is a great color for patterns. Imagine a tile red pocket square with turquoise stripes or a pattern like cloudy marble in turquoise. What a perfect image!

Meet in my next blog soon